Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tuesday 4 th February 2014...

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I knew when I woke it was going to be one of those days...

I have no idea what was going on with me, I mean I am normally clumsy.. I usually trip and bump into things and drop things too.... BUT!! OMG!! today was the mother of all days as that is all I did.... ALL day!! (yes writing this on Wednesday)

I did try to get out of that frame of mind... and I did try to stay calm and relaxed about the day... its did not help :(

I usually go to maths support around 10.30 on a Tuesday morning, today nothing went right so my whole schedule was messed up.  I need to drop han off at her college around 10.00... that did not happen at all!  She was having a major day too... so I eventually dropped her off at around 10.45 and set off to my college.  It would of been so much easier if we were attending the same college!  Ho hum!!  So yes arrived at my college and rushed about trying to make it to my support session, I knew it was too late now but I wanted to catch the tutor to explain things.  I tripped getting out of the car... dropped the contents of my bag all over the car park.  Not a good start :(  Found the tutor and explained things, that its too stressful organizing everything to make it there for 10.30. The solution she thought was for me to attend another day... I am not keen on doing this as its another day I have to organize and plan around ... all for 1 hour?!  And not only that...the petrol back and forth... somehow I agreed to do it on a Wednesday?!!? I must of been mental now looking back... I go to English on Han's campus on Wednesdays!  So thinking now about it ...the next day it was a silly thing for me to suggest.  I will have to inform her next Tuesday when I am in college that I cannot make it.

Oh yes whilst at college I dropped coffee all over the canteen floor.... twice! hmmmm  I was feeling slightly apprehensive about maths as I did not attend the previous week.  I need not of felt that way... I so need more confidence... I apparently caught up and picked up what they were doing last lesson no problem.  I think its was because it was a 'doing' maths thing... drawing graphs and solving algebra to go on the graphs.... I actually quite liked it!  So yes the maths lesson went well... I did not want to push my luck by leaving the class for some calamity to happen.

After maths I rushed back to the car and back over to Han;s college (which is the same college as mine but a different campus!.. over the other side of town!)  She was naturally un organised and wanted me to go up to meet her in her class.  I sometimes do this and her tutors and friends all know me.  She is doing a new project and wanted to share her progress so far.  She definitely  has a flare for the odd and doing things outside the box of normal realms!! Maybe post a picture of her final piece when she has completed it then you can see what I mean!  Her tutors think its great as she does not follow the norm and is not afraid to run with her ideas.  She must be doing something right as she is achieving distinctions :)  Clever little so and so!

As for doing stitching... ha ha ha ha this is laughable today as nothing like that got done!  Instead I was feeling creative and thought I could re-vamp my old little drawers to store some cross stitch things in.. this is what I did when I got back home :)

Here is what my drawers looked like before..

This is what they turned out like...

Inside some drawers...

I used raspberry pink paint with this decopatch paper..

I love the new look drawers and will use them now :)

OK so food... what did I eat??!! Good question!!

Breakfast.. something new, a new porridge, thought I would try it... and it was really quite nice, a slight nutty taste.

Lunch I had at the college, the most healthiest thing on offer that was hot!  Jacket potato with baked beans and cold slaw.

In the evening I ate something for dinner that I have not had it AGES!  A naughty thing to eat I guess... I like it well cooked hence the color of it!  Medium pepperoni and jalapeno spicy pizza. 

So that was what I ate yesterday!  Some good some bad things but I can learn form what I eat, this is the whole point of doing this blog.  I know from the dead awful day I had yesterday I wanted pizza at home .  BAD!!! as now I see its emotional comfort... but at the time I just felt like eating it.. Unlike the other day where I had the will power in me to say no and put it back in the freezer... yesterday was for me a dreadful day and nothing seemed to of gone right.  So for me I think eating the pizza was my way of saying I can handle this, I control what I eat I can make sure nothing goes wrong here so I want to eat pizza so will.  Or at least that is what I feel now looking at it with hind sight! hmmmm blinkered pizza eyes yesterday :( Damn!!

Well a trip to the pool is on the cards for Wednesday I think!!

I hope your day went better than my day?!

Keep smiling :)

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