Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wednesday 12 th February 2014........

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OH MY!! What a odd day I have had!!

Well I have had a head ache all day as we have had a builder in plastering our hall way all day.  Its a massive job and well the noise at times was very loud I could not even think.

We were supposed to go into town today to upgrade my phone... hmm that will have to wait until tomorrow now.  At the moment I have an iPhone 3GS 32 GB and I am getting an other iPhone but the 5s! :)  Cannot wait... see Han already has one and I think its great.  So clear and light.  She has the golden one I am apparently not allowed this one!! I have been told I can have the silver one!! ha ha   Talking of phones Monday we were in the Apple shop as Han had a problem with her phone!! They are great in there, no problems just switched the phone and now she has another brand new one!  Lets hope nothing happens to this one.

Wednesdays evenings I attend English lessons...

I thought I did!! Hmmm Ok let me tell you what has been going on.  OK well originally I attended English lessons after Maths on a Tuesday and was in college all day.  I passed that course and the new next level up was going to be with the same tutor... yes until the college decided to change their mind and cancel that course for what ever reason.  So then I was only offered another evening class to take its place... on Wednesdays... I have attended 2 classes and the tutor and I agree I am at a higher level than what she is teaching to her class right now.  So she very nicely found another class for me to attend... Friday afternoons..... are you keeping up??  Right I was all set to attend the first class last week on that Friday but it was cancelled... staff sickness.  Today I received a letter from the college informing me that this course on Friday afternoons has now been cancelled.  Another course I cannot attend, through no fault of my own.  I called the college to see what was going on as they said in the letter that there is another course that runs Thursday mornings.... I asked to be put onto this course.  No!! Its full and I am 12th down the waiting list!!! I could not believe it... after all that had happened and now this!  So I said I would attend the English class I was in and wait for a place.  There is no guarantee I would get onto that course so I wanted to do some English rather than none!  So I go along to the English class I was in and the tutor was a little shocked to see me!  She thought I was attending the Fridays classes!  I explained everything and she said I was no longer on her list and could not attend her classes... I was shocked and quite upset by this point and had no clue what to do or where to ask for assistance to sort this out.  The tutor was really nice and could not believe I had been messed about again.  She very nicely decided to try and get some answers and see what she could do to get me onto a course.  So now I have to wait and see what comes up.... its half term next week so I have a little time to get things back in order.  I am very frustrated as all I want to do is carry on learning.

So yes a lovely day I have had!!

Stitching....YES!!! I have managed to do some stitching :)  Thought it might be relaxing for me.... no photo allowed though I am afraid.. see I am doing a mystery SAL in the AAN FB group and its only for those who joined and paid.... the chart the designer made especially for the SAL group and its special.... a Mystery Halloween SAL where a new part of the chart is released every month...come Halloween this year the theory is I would of completed it! I will ask once I have finished it if in fact I can post my completed SAL on my blog... hmmm 

Oh yes..... I also belong to the most amazing FB stitching group and just before Christmas I entered into a Secret Stitch... made something I was very proud of.. my first ever pillow/cushion... this is what I sent...

Unfortunately my secret stitch did not send anything back in return...  it was a two way thing each partner to send and receive a gift.  No bearing in mind I had never taken part in anything like this before I was really very excited about getting a gift from a fellow stitcher.  I posted mine off well before Christmas as it had to go to Canada... now I am also on a tight budget so as it was a kind of agreement I was in I did not mind paying for this.  The lady received it and was over the moon as she loved butterflies.  The design is my favorite AAN design.  The weeks passed, I waited and nothing.... I contacted the admin in the group and then found out that my partner was having relationship problems and splitting up with her partner... the last thing I wanted to do was give her any more stress and worry about making or sending me anything.  So I agreed for her not to send me anything.... I found out that around that time the reason why she did not send me anything was because she was already doing a stitch along thing with another stitching group and had made another person something and just had not bothered making me anything.  I felt quiet sad, why could she just not tell me instead of keeping me hanging waiting?  And She knew this before I posted my gift to her... I was feeling very used.  

Many people in the FB group thought it terrible how I was treated and offered to send me something as I had sent a gift out and had nothing in return.... 

To be honest I was very reluctant in entering in anything like that again, but agreed to let a sweet friend post me a little gift as long as I could sent her something!  That is what we agreed.  She is a lovely lady and how wonderful of her to offer to do this.... she did say she was a slow stitcher and not to expect it any time soon!  So I made a little gift for her, she has bunnies and I made my first ever pin cushion for her...

I loved stitching this and may even do anther as there is a series of them in the RICO booklet I have called Winter Dreams.  

Like I say this was some time ago I did this and to be honest had forgotten all about this... today I got a parcel in the post today :)

My lovely friend sent this to me.... I love the rose calendar she made, its just beautiful.  The other unexpected gifts were so lovely I had the most massive smile on my face.  The frog head is actually a shower cap!  I think its lovely, the frog naturally represents all those stitches we un pick!! ripit, ripti, ripti!!  :)

I should say I stitch for pleasure and enjoyment, I am not the best or neatest stitcher but I love to do it.  I love to send stitchy gifts and if your one the lucky people I send something to I hope you love what I send :)

No food photos today... I am waiting until I get my new phone to take the photos! :)

I have been surfing around some stitchy blogs and am in awe at what some post on their blogs.  Not just the content but the layout, the pretty back grounds everything really.  I am still very new to all of this and I hope I learn along the way picking up new skills as I go...... so any tips you wish to share please do!!  I would be most appreciative :)  Every one has to start somewhere!!

Well... until tomorrow....

Keep smiling :)


  1. Glad you liked your gifts. Your pin cushion is still treasured by me and I'm going to start my Christmas stitching in July to keep up !
    Sorry college is treating you badly...they forget people's lifes are involved sometimes. Something good will come from it x

  2. I am so sorry, Jackie, I was let down on my first Secret Santa exchange and then the person popped up on another group to welcome me! Don't be disheartened. Wow, that was a day you had! Am emailing you too. Love the cushion and the pincushion!


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