Monday, 24 February 2014


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Well as you can see from the duck at the top of the page... YES!! Today was the day my daughter and I were on TV!! 

My daughter did a video straight from the TV... so I could share it with my friends.  We both did this to hopefully inspire just one person to get up and try...

Here is the link...

As its a video link it means everyone inside and out of UK can watch it!  I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment as I would love to know what you think :)

That was this evening at 7.30 pm... all day I have been trying to keep myself busy, shopping and doing some crafts.  I did some gluing earlier and actually got the glue all over me... I was a bundle of nerves waiting... it was terrible waiting.  Then when it came on I cringed... OMG!! just terrible!! But that is why I did it.... to inspire those who think they cannot do it.  I did it to say look at me... if I can do it... you can try!  Lets hope it inspires someone??

Phew its been on!  

Well onto food... what have I eaten today??  Not a lot because been preoccupied!  But this evening I had some more yummy jacket potato's!  With coleslaw.... yes this seems to be my favorite addiction right now!

Cross stitching... yes I can confirm that I have chosen the design (s) for me Eastery theme!  Like I say its a massive first for me doing this.  All of it!!  Never stitched an Easter themed design or 'made' something Eastery either.... Gosh I love that word... Eastery!! 

Post the photo's when I have done it.....  :)

Not a lot to post today... I just cannot get this smile off my face!  Sending smiles your way if you are in need of one or two? 

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. I've got to leave a comment and congratulate the both of you!!! Amazing weight loss already, keep it up girls, you can do it :) I'm joining you mentally too, I'm always trying to lose weight... this time it's slowly but steady.... can I just say you look so so similar!!

  2. Mii, If I had a £1 for every one that said my daughter and I look alike I would now be a millionaire!! lol
    Thank you so much, very kind of you to say... and GREAT, your more than welcome to join us mentally! 1 day at a time as I say!

  3. You look great on TV!
    Would you mind if I shared the link with your OU fanclub?
    Ruth C

  4. Well done to you both, loved your face after the roller coaster ride. Hope you soon get your wellies!

  5. Ruth, please do!! I did it to hopefully inspire others :)

    Thanks Julie I LOVED the roller coaster!! And yes watch out wellies I am coming for you!!! :)


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