Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tuesday 25 th and Wednesday 26 th February 2014......

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OK yes I missed a day :(

I can tell you why... too much going on!! busy busy busy....

So what have I been up to then... hmmm college!  Tuesday I am in college doing maths, and Wednesday its English.  They both totally consume me and really tire me out... I think its all that concentrating!

I do have a lot of home work.... maths :(  English I have to make a power point presentation ..  and then next Wednesday at the lesson present it to the class!! OMG!!! Scary stuff!  EEEEkkkk.  I bet you cannot guess what I am doing it on?

I have done some stitching in the evenings... well when I am not asleep!  Cannot show you as it a secret... my Eastery design! ha hah a

Food wise I have basically been living on Jacket potato's!! Yes still addicted to them!

Tuesday I had this..

This was actually bought in my college cafe!  It tasted lovely and I really enjoyed it.  This is basically what I ate Tuesday... I am still feeling bloated and I hope that feeling goes soon!! ;)

Wednesday I managed to grab some breakfast...

Wholewheat brown toast with chopped tomato's.  My favorite thing... but I thought today that the tomato's tasted quite sweet!! No idea why, they just did!

And in the evening I had ... you guessed it!! Jacket potato!! But I forgot to take a photo as I am tired :(

Still actively watching what I am eating.... back to the pool when this damn bloatedness calms down.  Its the waiting... driving me a little mental!  Women are blighted :(

Feeling tired... but still smiling!! Hope you are! :)

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