Saturday, 22 February 2014

hmmm what is going on?

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well firstly sorry for not posting any photo's of what I am eating, I have been having a bit of bother with not sleeping.  I think there is far too much going on in my little head and its just keeping me awake :(

Well I have been stitching... but have stopped and got side tracked a few times.  Its terrible how quick I do get side tracked :(

I bet your wondering what I got side tracked on??  Ha ha ha the internet is amazing!  I was as they say surfing!  Looking at the most amazing cross stitch designs... the whole thing with looking at the designs I was looking at is a new thing, a recent one.  See its only due to looking at fellow stitchers blogs that I began to realize there are OH so many lovely and varied designs out there.  And to be honest it was only very recently I decided to go it alone and stitch from a chart and not a kit.  

I love the freedom of charts... the more I look the more I am amazed.  I mean take the thread/floss I thought there was only Anchor and DMC ... how very very wrong was I.  There are loads of hand dyed threads and silks, probably much more too?!... ooooh  :)  It is clear that I have lead the equivalent to a sheltered life in the stitching world I think.  I need to make up for lost time!!

So yes, I have been looking around and WOW so great things to stitch out there...

Some Lizzy Kate designs I hope to stitch some time, as yet not had the pleasure..


There are OH so many lovely designs... how do you choose?

Then I looked at Country Cottage Needleworks... so adorable...

Goodness their designs are beautiful.
I the found Prairie Schooler..... OMG!!! Where have I been???? Some truly lovely designs...

These and many many more are wonderful.... I do hope someday I have the pleasure to stitch some :) 

Its so hard choosing designs as there are so so many out there, #i just picked these few but I am sure there are many more...if you know of lovely designs please feel free to leave a message pointing me in the right direction.  I need assistance as its really all very new to me.  
I shall give you a little back ground...

Well I have been writing this blog for a little over 1 year now... I started to to motivate myself and to keep myself on track with my weight loss.  Its true I love to stitch and I had previously slowed down.  My love for stitching has turned a corner I feel as now I have the courage to try new things.  To venture away from kits.... its still a little scary!  Not only that I until recently only ever stitched on aida... I have tried 25 count Dublin linen and love it.  I think all those years I never stitched on anything other than aida as I thought it far too difficult.  Hoe wrong was I !!!  It seems my stitching is taking over my blog! ha ha ha  I think I will keep posting what I eat as like I say its keeping me on track.... not only that I have spoken through FB group to other stitchers lacking motivation to lose weight... the one reason I started this blog was to just hope to inspire 1 person.... to want to change, to want to lose weight, to get up and try.  And it that is happening through the things I am doing is amazing :)

As it stands I really have no idea what to stitch next.... any suggestions??

I promise tomorrow to post some photo's of what I am eating! 

Keep smiling :)


  1. Awww this is so sweet! This is exactly how I felt when I first started my blog!! I was firstly amazed at how many cross stitch blogs there were. And then like you was only stitching on boring aida from kits.... yes there is a FABULOUS cross stitch world out there and sadly I can't keep up financially :D I always work on what I love at the time, even if it means starting several new projects at a time or having to buy that special "must have" chart :p I've just recently discovered samplers.. I never had any interest in them, but I've seen some beautiful ones and now I am really tempted!! Oh well, good luck in choosing your next project :)

  2. Thanks Mii :) I am loving every minute of stitching :) Whilst looking on Lizzy Kate's web pages I discovered her free charts.... OH how lovely, so I am busy stitching my first ever Lizzy Kate...I will post a photo of it later :) Thanks for popping by :)

  3. There are so many wonderful and fabulous things on the internet. So many free designs to look at and try.
    Have you seen this blog - .... every link in the labels section, bottom right takes you to the free design...enjoy.. perhaps you need never buy a chart again lol.

  4. How amazing!! Thank you Julie I will go and take a look! :)


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