Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday 23 rd February 2014...

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Firstly you be pleased to know I actually had some sleep!! Yes around 7 hours!!  I am pleased and hope this no sleeping cycle is now broken.

As I got up later than usual I can honestly say I have done nothing all day!  Oh ok I did sweep and mop the kitchen floor!  But apart from that I seriously have done nothing... this is not good.  I had planned to start a new stitching design today... hmm well I can show you the fabrics I have chosen to use... no trimmings as I cannot decide that until its finished!

Not the orange that is the pillow they are on!  But I think they are looking awfully spring like or Eastery.... is that a word?  I like it!  Hmmm I want to challenge myself a little so I think I may attempt something I have not ever done before.... how exciting!  Its visiting all those lovely blogs out there inspiring me! :)  Thank you :)

I have eaten though!!  I really had the feeling of wanting egg and tomato today so I made this monster brunch!

Its Nimble brown bread with a kind of egg omlette with chopped tomatoes.  If I am honest a lot of food and I did not quite eat it all.  But it was tasty.

Then much much later in the evening I had a bowl of mixed roasted vegetables.... green and yellow peppers, onion, carrot and sweet potato.  All with a drizzle of olive oil and many many spicy herbs :)

And again I did not eat all of this..... left a fair bit but it did taste rather spicy!  

A rather odd food selection for today I think!  Some usually have a Sunday roast dinner... I find them very boring and monotonous so we eat what we like in our home!  And what with me not eating meat its difficult....  Oh but I do make meals with meat for Han and Jon (daughter and husband).

Its Monday tomorrow and half term will be over....  so that mean back to studying!  Maths Tuesday's and English Wednesdays.... if I am honest I have not missed the Maths!  But I really enjoy the English and missed not doing that.  

I have to learn more maths as I sit my exam in June, and around the same time I sit my English exam too.  Oh and whilst all that is going on celebrate my birthday! lol I think passing those exams would be a great birthday gift!  I actually love to learn new things... a sponge my mum says!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Remember to smile :)


  1. Yummy .... I think i'll go and get a drink and maybe a slice of malt loaf to stop the tummy rumbling after seeing your lovely food!
    Your fabrics do look all 'eastery'... looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Can't wait to see your Easter-y project! The fabrics you've chosen look great :)


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