Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday 6 th February 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Yes today is homework day!!

I have heaps of maths to do, algebra with graphs and that.... English to design a leaflet for The National Heart Foundation awareness day on 7th February 2014.  So a fair bit to do...

No stitching :(
Hope to do some at the weekend 

Today is my rest day.. no exercise, just as well I dont want to go out as its dreadful outside.  Pouring down with rain and windy cold.  I have to go collect Han after college, then staying in!!

Talking of Han, I managed to get hole of a photo of her current project at college.... 

(Work and photo by Hannah Morris)

The whole theme of her work is to do with herself... this basically shows two sides of her.. the nice prim proper pink and the punk represents the rebel in her!  Its interesting the way she has done it as she had free reign to use anything she wanted to.  For example some it the class are making little models, paintings, using ceramics... 

Food, yes what have I eaten!!

Breakfast was a treat something I have not had in a while!  Bagel with a slice of cheese and scrambled egg.

Lunch ... this was something else I threw together!! Mixed leaves with cucumber, soya beans with feta cheese.



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