Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tuesday 18 th February 2014......

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Today well I have been quite high as a kite with happiness!  Lol not that I know what a kite feels like all the way up floating in the sky!  Why am I happy you ask???...

Good question!!  

Well to be honest there is no 'real' reason as to why I am happy, I just am!  And its such a lovely feeling being happy because you can.  I have a lot going on in my life and today well I think I am just saying OK yes my life is what it is right now... and today I am happy!  Simple as that really.  Too many days are spend being sad, I am only here once on this earth... oh unless I think I will come back like the Egyptians thought.  Now there is a story!  Another time!! 
Random fact but oh so true!... try it!

Some days sure I am low... I try to do something to pull myself out, I go for a swim, laugh at something or cross stitch.  I think you have to have 'escape' things, they make me feel normal.  Ha ha h a what ever that is!  Its hard trying to be happy I learnt that a long time ago... be who you are... friends will accept you  :)

Right well stitching wise I am carrying on with my Mothers Day gift... not that I think she will like it!  It is after all the thought that counts! hmmmm

Looks like I have not done much, and I have changed a few colors... hmmm not sure now.

I have been thinking on what to do nest.. I mean Easter is fast approaching and I really want to stitch a lovely Easter design...  thinking on that still :)

I should finish my Sampler Game Board, by The Drawn Thread.....

It seems I got half way and lost interest, I dont think this is the case at all... I just got distracted!! I mean there are so so many lovely cross stitch designs out there, and oh not nearly enough time to stitch them.  I bet you have all heard that before!  So I think after I have finished my Mums gift I will get back to this as I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see it finished.  To this stage it took me 5 days stitching!  So if I put my mind, heart and soul 100% into it I can do this.

I think once I have finished this project I will then look at another fantastic one! ooooh excitement!!  Do you get that?? The excitement of starting a new project?  I love it...

Something else I have been meaning to share with you all it my love of patchwork... again I am self taught and hand stitch everything.  I have been working on this pattern for years!  It just keeps growing.... I guess its now vintage! lol 

Its about the size of a double bed now and I should really find a way to finish it.  Here lies the problem!! I just have no clue!!  If you can shed some guidance that would be marvelous :)

Onto what I have been eating... well before I do I want to say I went to the pool this evening.  Oh and how good was it!! I loved it.. so relaxing, I love nothing better than to float around the pool.  Going late at night too it means there is hardly any or in fact no one else swimming about.  Yes I sat in the hot tub then the steam room and finally in the sauna!  I did the whole lot this evening! Its good to do things that makes you happy :)

Ok onto food.... 

Breakfast was multi grain porridge, very nice and filling.

 Lunch, this was a lovely bowl of my spicy bean soup... same as I had yesterday!  But its all gone now :(

Dinner, this was something I like as again its filling and as tasty as you make it!  Jacket potato with grated cheese (a little) and low fat coleslaw.  With mixed leaf salad and a drizzle of fat free dressing.

I have enjoyed my meals today and not once have I felt hungry.  I seriously need to drink more... slap wrist! 

My daughter (Han) was out in the shops with my parents and text me a at first I was not sure what it was... then I looked closer!! eeeeeeeekk!!!!  The Radio Times this week no less.... 

That is us!! Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!! h ah ah a ha ha

I leave you as always with one of my smiles and this little pre-Easter 'thing' I was distracted with!  Yes I randomly stitched it and then placed some of my lovely buttons on the aida :)  


  1. Great post that made me smile :) .... See, contagious!!!
    Really like your patchwork project but sadly can't help you as I'm a cross stitch addict only (although really wish I could crochet). So sorry I could not see you on TV (I'm in Central bit...), I would have really enjoyed it. Maybe on the IPlayer!!! I'm struggling with my weight since I moved in UK (not blaming you guys at all) and I'm forever watching what I'm eating too. Take care & keep smiling x

  2. Thank you so much Mii Stitch for popping in, so lovely to see you :) Arhhh crotchet.. yes something I would also love to do, sadly just cannot grasp it. Yes the program that is on 24th February will be available on doubt I will post a link once I am over the shock of being on the TV!! I can relate to what your saying about putting weight on, England is terrible, English food is just too darn nice! I prefer continental foods... so much more healthier. Feel free to take a 'deeper' look at my blog.. at foods I eat, you may pick up some 'healthy' ideas? Remember little changes are better than no day at a time :) And yes SMILE :) x


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