Monday, 17 February 2014


(Borrowed from Google Images)

OK I knew it was coming.... 

I just had not prepared myself for it thats all!!! 


So watched Inside out this evening.. great show!  And at the end  was a clip as there always is, for the next program...

BUT!!!.... it was ME and Hannah!!! OMG!!! 

I mean seeing myself on TV... shocker!!  hmmmm 

What on earth I am going to be like when its actually aired next week as that was only a clip!

Here is a link for next weeks program... with our details!

The episode that was on this evening has the little clip right at the end if you want a look!  Here is the link.(click the little play logo on the left of the main picture).. ... go to 28:29 on the time line!! eeekkk

I warned you all its a shocker!! It was filmed OH so long ago and I cannot believe how I look... 

Thinking positive and am thinking that all is fine as I am still losing weight.... OMG never quitting after seeing that!!!


NOTE:  just found out that every one outside the UK may not be able to view these links :(  I am sorry that is the BBC!! I am looking into trying to download it somewhere else or maybe just upload a video file.... bear with :)

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