Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wednesday 5 th February 2014.....

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Middle of the week and another day of me rushing about!

Today I was determine to get to the pool... so soon as it turned 1 pm I was off!! Yes I went to the pool and did the marching up and down and then sat a good while in the hot tub relaxing and then finally in the steam room chilling out... it was lovely.

As I had not eaten before I went I decided to have lunch at David Lloyd... oooh decisions decisions!! Such lovely things on the menu but I was after a light snack... I picked something interesting and it was actually really tasty (photo's below)  To be honest it was actually really nice to just stop and chill for a bit longer...

After that I then went to Tesco to shop... bought some interesting things to try, healthy foods.... thought I would give cous cous another go.  I try it now and then, its the texture... not quite sure about it.  

It was back home then, luckily Han was picked up from college by my dad today!  Just as well as I was in Tesco!  Got home, unpacked shopping had just enough time to make something quick and eat it... then it was off to college night class to do English.  I was not looking forward to going to English as I needed to talk to the tutor.  During the class I got back the piece of work back I wrote during the first lesson... nothing wrong with it, no mistakes, then a little note with a tick and the bottom that says... great work Jacquie... hmmmm I spoke with the tutor after the lesson and explained that I was bored and not being pushed in her lesson and that I felt I was going backwards not forwards.  She agreed with me and she is going to look at trying to get me into another class which would be on a different day.  She did say I was well above the standard she was teaching in the class so its no the wonder I felt bored!  She did feel I was ready for GCSE but understood its my confidence levels that needed working on.  The GCSE classes do not start until September so it looks likely I will be applying for those too.  I have to wait now to see whether I get moved to another class or something else??  Watch this space!!

What have I eaten today...

Breakfast... porridge.

Lunch... quinoa with minted peas in a balsamic drizzle with flaked salmon in a yogurt dressing with rocket.  

With a lovely refreshing drink... lime and lemongrass

Dinner.. cous cous with mixed spicy beans.  (it does not look much bit tasted good)

I also later ate a few pieces of coconut.

That was my day!

Tomorrow is homework day!! Maths and English to do...

Hope your still smiling?  I might be if I can squeeze in some stitching too!  If nit then the weekend will be stitching time I think!

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