Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February 2014...

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Saturday and a lovely day of rest I have had :)

So we are now in the next month..

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I find this totally strange ... I mean I have been her blogging for well over a year now! GOSH!! February??!!! For me I feel its come around pretty quick.. the year for me has flown by.  I know at times it has been really hard and yes at one point it had crossed my mind to quit... but I am still hanging in there.  I knew at the start of this journey it would be a long long road.  

If I think back to how last year, to just before I started this journey I can tell you I was a very different person.  A person who wanted to lose weight and was struggling to understand herself.  One that really disliked herself that much she hid behind her sense of humor... I guess a less confident person too.  The difference in my I see.... I am I think much more confident... I will try new types of clothing and actually go out now!  And I am on the right path finally to understanding me :)  Confidence is growing day by day and I am a much stronger person too.  Sure I still have a sense of humor but I dont hide behind my laughter and giggles anymore.  I have accepted who I am... and loving the person I am changing into.

Today has been a slow old day... I managed to finish off the cross stitch butterfly I was stitching.  The butterfly was designed by a friend in one of my stitching groups on fb... she has a blog.. look HERE

This is my color version of her beautiful butterfly design.  Thinking about it, its not looking much like a valentines butterfly at all!  hmmmm I like it!! Its full of color and that reflects me 100% :)  I stitched it on green 18 count aida and will mount it onto this orange fabric and make a cushion/pillow to go on my stitching chair :)

My note book entry...

My breakfast..
Banana and strawberry porridge

My lunch...
My (Ikea) cracker with a new mix... light philli mixed with tuna...REALLY yummy sprinkled on top is paparika

My dinner...
Roasted vegetables, carrots, parsnips, green and red peppers and onion.  Sprinkled with chilli powder..Oooh it was HOT this evening!

That is what I have eaten!

Do you know I am really proud of myself... I resisted eating pizza this evening...I cannot believe I did actually.  I even got as far a taking it out of the freezer and I looked at it!! Yes I did look at it... then I put it back in the freezer!  I felt I really wanted it... it was like a good voice on one shoulder and a naughty bad voice on the other!  Like I say I wanted it.... I did!! But then I thought at how much effort I had put into my journey so far.. and the conclusion I came up with was that.... that pizza was just not worth it!! Hence why I put it back int he freezer!  And THAT moment I am very proud of myself for doing.  OMG!! does that mean I actually do have will power??!!!

Do you know what else I have realized......

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Back on this tomorrow....

I did divert onto something else...the beautiful butterfly.... /I enjoyed stitching that very much.  And as I am almost half done I think I should plod on with this as I really do love it.

Watch this space..... as they say! 


  1. Philly and tuna? That actually sounds really nice. I am going to give that one a go tomorrow as well. I love the butterfly: I think it symbolises what the challenge was about: to make it a peice of yourself...and if this is you, then it is perfect. xxxx

  2. Congrats on your almost 1 year blog anniversary. I know you've had ups and downs, but you've continued forwards with your goals. Brilliant stuff Jacquie, your an inspiration.

  3. Thank you very much Paul that is very kind of you to say... and yes lots of ups and downs. The main thing like you say... I am continuing forward!! Still here! I will get those wellingtons :)


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