Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday 16 th February 2014....

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Yes it is in fact Sunday!! Where has Saturday gone??!!

Well I have been that engrossed with my stitching the time has just flown by.  I mean now its 2.15 am!! h ah ah ah aaa

Well I started Saturday afternoon looking for a Easter design for me to stitch...and as I do I got well and truly side tracked!  I pulled all of my old magazines out and because I cannot now remember what is in them I began to read them all again!! Seriously it was great!  I did not find an Easter design though :(

On a good note though I did find something to stitch for Mothers Day... yes apparently in UK we celebrate this at a different time to my US stitchy friends.  Oh but I was not actually looking for a Mothers Day design! ha ha that is sometimes how it happens!

I found a really old magazine... Cross Stitch Crazy issue 83 from March 2006!!  Its a lovely design by Lesley Teare.

Its not very complicated to do, I think that is why I am enjoying stitching this, because it is simple.  I got rather carried away with the stitching and finished all the center words... and all I basically have to do now is the border.  And that is the cutest part I think.  Oh yes and then to decide whether I frame it, make it into a wall hanging or a cushion, pillow?  Hmmm I will have to think on that...

Right it is Sunday... yes early hours right now... and yes I will be going to bed shortly!  I will write more later once I have rested.  Seeing as how I am now OK with uploading photo's from my iPad I will start to post what I eat again.  How exciting!! :)

As for food... yes back with the posting photo's from Sunday when I get up :)

Remember keep smiling... and catch you later...

OK I am back!! I have some more photos for you  and oh :(  To tell you of my disaster moment... 

Ok yes the disaster moment... I was in a little shock, could not believe what happened. Well all these years I have been stitching and never pricked my finger and bled on my fabric or aida... until today :(  OH MY!! I think my neighbors may of thought I had just been murdered from the scream I made!  I went straight onto my FB cross stitch group and asked for help to see what I could do to get the mark out...  They are all AMAZING and jumped to my rescue :)

Here is the problem... yes only small but I knew it was there!

So I have taken a cotton bud (q tip) and moistened one end with tepid water with a little detergent and dabbed the mark.  Then with the dry end rolled in over the wet bit I just created, to my amazement the blood was coming out!  So I was over the moon the more I repeated this the blood came right out.  I am left with a little damp patch.... I hope it dries ok and not leave a stain?  Fingers crossed.

well onto food!! What have I had today...

Breakfast was porridge...

Lunch was jacket potato with salad, whilst at the bingo with my dad :)

Dinner was vegetable spicy stir fry with noodles..

Cooking in the pan...

Then in my bowl...

That is it!!  Feeling rather nicely, full.... not stuffed, not that unpleasant feeling where you dont want to move!  No no no!! I feel comfortable... pleasantly had enough :)  ha ha what on earth I am driveling on about!! ha h ah ah a

Still looking for something to do for Easter if you have any ideas (cross stitch wise) please let me know :)

Tip for today and note to self.... Think before screaming! :)

Keep smiling :)

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