Monday, 10 February 2014


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Ok well firstly I am so so sorry for not filling you in earlier what I have been up to...

Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!! What shall I start with...

....From the start...

Its been a secret!!  A hard one to keep!!  But I can reveal all now...

Well you are all aware that Han and I have been trying to lose weight, and I might say its been a journey and a half!  Highs and lows... but we are still here!!

Back in February 2013 there was a program on the TV asking for people to contact them to share their story... So we did!!! :)

Basically from February 2013 we have had the BBC follow us all over... they have filmed in our home, been to Chessington World of Adventures theme park, Race for Life, and various other great places.  Today was the last piece of filming and it was at our private gym...David Lloyd.

Its been a real interesting journey and we have actually loved being filmed, its being edited now and will be on BBC 1 in the next few weeks... no doubt I will let you all know more the date when I know! :)  Its all very exciting :)  Dont worry if you miss it or cannot get it as I will post a link on my blog when its available :)

So you see with all this excitement going on I have been all over the place!! Not been stitching, not actually been sleeping well!!  Too excited!!! ha ha h a

And its over now!! But watch this space as something else is in the pipe line...  :)

Smile :)


Just found out when we are going to be on the TV!!!

It will be Monday 24 th February on BBC 1 at 7.30 pm - program called Inside Out.

I know this program is a regional area thing so once it has been on air I will locate it on iPlayer and post the link on here :)

Its all very exciting and scary at the same time...

We have not seen it so no doubt it will be a shocker for us!! 

If you do manage to watch it please let me know what you thought...

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