Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday 17 th February 2014.....

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Monday ... a new week :)

And my plans for this week?  Well frankly just to get through it!  I have checked my diary and I only have one appointment this week..and that is to take Jon to the hospital for a specialist appointment.  Its half term this week for all UK children and that includes college students! Han is off and I have no lessons either.  Hmmmm let us not talk about my lessons...

Well I did a bit of running about this morning, Han is wanting to get a tattoo, she is nearly 19 and has thought about this for a long long time.  She has designed the image herself and is very happy to go ahead with it.  I naturally have an opinion! ha h a Well I think she is brave firstly for wanting a tattoo... I mean I dont do pain so that is why its brave!  I know she has looked into where to get it done, who to do it and checked out what colors are best.... in great detail.  I personally dont have any tattoo's, I am not against them I think its a case of personal preference and taste.  Han is expressing herself or trying to and fair play to her for trying to find herself and place in this world.  I will keep you informed as to what final design shed has chosen and when she is going to get it done.  

So yes... I ran Han about a bit this morning then I dropped her off at my parents house.  She likes to spend time with them, she will be there for a few days then back home.  So my home will be quiet.... very quiet whilst she is there!

Today has been a rather odd day food wise... I am feeling bloated and actually full all the time, yes you guessed it .. its 'that' time of the month!  Damn blighted!! hmmm so feeling a little 'not right' if you know what I mean!  I am aware that I need to keep my iron levels up so have been taking my supplements to counter act the low sluggish feeling... 

Breakfast, well I had brown toast just 2 slices with real, yes real butter!! I have been thinking for a while to switch from margarine to butter.  It just has to be better for me?  And besides I dont eat it often!  I had marmite on my toast too... love it or hate it?!

Lunch was actually missed as I just was not feeling anything... so naughty of me I know :(

Dinner was something I just put together!  Its cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and green beans with spicy (chilli) mixed beans... a kind of thick soup.  Its actually really tasty and very filling.

This is basically all I have eaten today... I really just cannot eat anything. I mean I cooked Jon a pepperoni pizza earlier and I turned my nose up at that!  shocker!!

Talking of food I have to tell you what I tasted last night... Jon has some well known English make crisps in the house... you know the ones I mean?! ;)  Well the packet has been sat in our kitchen for days, I just have not shown any interest in them at all.... until last night!  Jon was eating a packet and I thought...hmmm just a taste!  Jon passed a packet over and I gladly opened them... they smelt good, I put one in my mouth and crunched.  OMG!! I could not believe how they tasted... I bet your thinking I loves the flavor and taste and eat more packets?!! lol  ERM..... NO!! OH NO!! Seriously I really did not like them, it was as i I was crunching on a tub or lard.  I mean the residue and film it left in my mouth just after one crisp was awful.  I dont remember them being like that!! Gosh I used to eat no bother a massive family multi bag of 24 packets to myself in one sitting!!  So no... no more crisps for me!

Its true it seems that my taste buds have changed.. I dont eat half as much as I used to and to think at what I did eat is shocking.  Gone is my sweet tooth... and now I am left with a truly picky pallet!  

Little add bit.... I did have a bowl of Shreddies and semi skimmed milk in the evening :)

Stitching wise, what have I been up to?  I think after a lot of searching.... I think I have found my Easter design I want to stitch :)

I would still like to participate in an Easter exchange or SAL if some one is interested? 

My Mothers Day cross stitch is coming along..... although I am having second thoughts about doing it as its really not what my mum would like.  I know its nice and all, I have never given her anything like this before so it should be nice.  I am just thinking of the times she has sent cards to her sister, you know the meaningful verse ones... she always encloses a paper bag.... a 'sick' bag as a joke as the verses are dreadful!  As a joke naturally!!  So you see now where I am coming from here!  What to do???  I could give it to her with her own 'sick bag'!!   I will think more on it!  I do however have some time to think on this as Mothers Day here in the UK is not until 30th February.  

On a different note... whilst doing what I do I came across this!! How very cool is this!!  Yes I am British however having lived abroad almost all of my life I see myself more as continental!  So even though I 'liked' this I just could not bring myself to use it.

Being Monday I should set myself some targets, I think this is a great idea.  I have seen it on other stitchy friends blogs and feel its an interesting idea.  I can set goals... whether I follow them is another matter completely!  Can but try!

Ok one goal to set for this week... finish my Mothers Day gift....

Maybe a little help required?....

Although I do have to put a RAK together but as it will be the first one I have put together and sent to someone I am feeling a little apprehensive and anxious about it.  If you have a kind word or idea to share regarding this RAK I would be most appreciative.  I know a lot of people have wish lists too.... they are a lovely idea but what if I cannot afford things on their list?  I dont want someone to feel disappointed by what I do send.  oooooh this is way tougher than I expected it to be.

I want more than anything for the person I send the gifts to, to be happy and love or ok like them!  Its all very exciting and I am really happy to be a part of this.  Giving is such a lovely thing to do....

I personally did have a wish list... I had it on my blog for a little time.  But thinking about it I did not what people to think  this is what I wanted them to send me.  I know its a wish list..for me and I guess one day I would of got around to purchasing the lovely things on it.  I guess what I am trying to say is I dont what people to feel restricted... I love all stitchy things, I love learning new things and if someone was so kind as to send me a gift I would be delighted beyond belief... no matter what was in the parcel... its the sheer thought someone has gone out of their way to send me something.  Such a lovely feeling.  So yes I dont have a wish list... I hope you dont mind... 

Thank you for dropping by today and taking the trouble to read my blog.... remember to keep smiling xx

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