Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day.....

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Yes its Valentines day...

What do I think of it?.... to be honest on this day the price of everything doubles and trebles..  sure I guess its a romantic day... but why just one day?  Romance is alive all year in this house!  Not wanting to put a dampener on your Valentines day... I hope you all have a lovely romantic day :)

If you have not noticed already you will see I have been playing about a bit with the layout and color styling of my blog... hope you like it :)  I will no doubt jiggle things about some more until I am happy, its actually a lot of fun :)

Well I should of collected my new iPhone on Thursday... should being the optimum word there!  A long old story and now the outcome is that I need to make a complaint against Car Phone Warehouse and The Geek Squad connected to them.  I am lets say fuming with all that has gone on.  I am not able to get my new phone until the matter has been resolved... fingers crossed its soon.  So as far as taking photos to put onto my blog... its back to using the iPad!! hmmm now I am not very good with that so please bear with me, I will try my best.

Stitching wise... I have been trying to finish off my butterfly pillow... I am just kind of making up as I go along!  Sometimes it kind of works for me, sometimes it just looks a mess :(  I try that is the main thing.  And its for my own personal use, I am not sending it anywhere, its for my stitching chair.  Hoping to finish it today... if so I will try to up load a photo.

Easter Stitching??

I thinking I would like to be more involved in something stitching... I was wondering if there are any Easter stitch SALS or exchanges going on?  I would love to stitch something for Easter... again not something I have done before.  Or if someone would like to do an Easter exchange with me that would be marvelous!  And exciting!!  Please leave a message or email me if you would like to stitch something for Easter :)  If not and no one comes forward then I guess I will just stitch something for myself! 

Food wise.... well I am still trying actively to lose weight you will be pleased to hear!  I am watching what I eat and will be doing exercises around the house.  Treading water a little as not feeling 100%.. but am not giving in... just slowed a little that is all.  

I am going to the pool a little later, I think for more of a relaxing session... but anything is good , right!?

Well back from the pool now and yes OK I enjoyed it!  As I usually do!  All the members were obviously out celebrating Valentines day/night with loved ones as the whole place was as quiet as a mouse!  Literally no one in the pool apart from Han and I!! It was great!! We loved it... On the way out I picked up something from the bar... a little healthy treat....

Now there if you get a chance to... try them!  They are delicious.... I mean I have gone of chocolate as I think it too sweet!  ha ha seriously!!  I love seeds and pumpkins seeds are yummy so I gave it a go!..... only a little handful in this tiny packet, but enough.  And I may treat myself to 1 of these again next time I go! :) mmmmm

Post more later as I want to get back to my stitching!! ...

The stitching... its coming on... I have decided to put a massive border around my butterfly and its taking forever and ever.  Stitching more now and maybe fingers crossed be finished tomorrow :)  

Its almost 3 am and I have finished my butterfly stitchy chair pillow/cushion! yippppeee

I love the colors... it has pride and place on my stitchy chair :)

I am no expert, I just stitch to make me happy, I enjoy stitching and I LOVE this design by Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs  ... so pleased I had the opportunity to stitch it... it was a lot of fun and a pleasure :)

Keep  Smiling :)

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  1. Glad your having fun with the butterfly! Happy Valentines Day xx


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