Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday 31 st January 2014....

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Well some exciting news!!!!

I have dropped another dress size :)

As you all know I was a size 32.... well bursting out of a 32 and now today I am wearing size 22 jeans!!! OMG size 22!!  So that is a total of 5 sizes dropped!!! eEEEEeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!

I was wearing my size 24 jeans yesterday and thought they felt a little baggy everywhere so I went and bought a size 22.. not for one minute did I think I would get in them!  I guess I am in a little shock!  Happy shock :)

The 2 middle ones of me were taken today ... size 22!! and the 2 either side are size 32!!  

This is such a massive confidence boost for me.... I cannot believe it.  Saying that though Han has gone from size 22 to size 16 so she has dropped 3 sizes :)  Its GREAT news!

The most annoying thing of all is that both of our chests have not reduced. Sure I have lost inches off my arms and top half but not my chest :(  I think I will look like Jordan soon!  Its dreadful...I want more than anything for them to reduce... any tips or ideas out there??? I will carry on and hope they will eventually get smaller.

I have been to the pool today during the lunch hour, its a great time to go and quiet!  Did the marching up and down the pool then sat in the hot tub a little while and steam room just before I got out.  I am really enjoying my sessions.

I have been thinking I do!

And well I think I am accepting my situation more now.  I mean I can see improvement with my knee...sure its a little improvement but its there.  I go to the pool not because I have to but because I want to!  And I think its that way now, I am enjoying making the change and why battle against it?  Go with the flow.. and I am having fun along the way!  I guess realizing I need to be happy too to make the changes in me was hard because how can I be happy when I am so overweight?!  That is the whole point though... I needed to accept the way I am to enable me to move on.  Hope this is making sense?

And yes its great I am now 5 sizes smaller but still I cannot see this in me... seriously, no joke.  I know I am smaller because of the clothes I am now wearing.  But for me, when I look at myself I feel no different.... its all to do with the mind I think.  I am on the right track accepting things, its going to take time to understand myself.  I guess the only reference here I can make is of Dawn French when she lost a lot of weight.  She liked being overweight and missed how she was, her personality and everything about her, she she put the weight back on.  Now I guess this is what I am worried about?  I am a bubbly person, naturally happy I think ... or is this just a front I put up to hid behind because I am overweight?  I guess I will have to go with the flow....

Will post what I have eaten later... just wanted to share my amazing news :)

What did I eat today...

My note book entry..

Missed breakfast.... not hungry.

Lunch... I had some of left overs dinner with water and hint of lemon.

Then some yogurt and fruit..

Dinner was something new for me...vegetables mixed with butter beans.

That has been my amazing day :)

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  1. well done jacquie, you're doing brilliantly. :-)

  2. Thanks so much Paul ... no stopping me now!! :)

  3. That is truly wonderful - so well done to you. You are taking charge of your life despite problems along the way:)


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