Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday 10 th May 2014... Giveaway....

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I do live in the UK and yes we have already had our Mothers Day.. but I understand that it is Mothers Day elsewhere .... so have a lovely day :)

I have a wonderful giveaway to tell you all about.... and a wonderful gift for the winner too...

The blog is called A Symphony of Stitches by Frances :)  

Go visit and enter her 1st Giveaway :)

And whilst talking about giveways.... I feel another mention of my 1 st giveaway needs a mention too!

Here is the link to my giveaway.. please follow the rules and comment on that page :)

Well what have I been up to...

I finished Hannah's Hello Kitty design ... 

Here is how it started..

And Hannah's Hello Kitty bag in use... and my word she has lots to put in it!!

Hannah is thrilled with it... she chose all the colors :)

I however think I will learn from this!  I need more knowledge in putting zips in different ways I think.  And I lined this too... but I think I would like to know how to finish it better.  Well we learn through trial and error... and all in all I think I did an OK job.

So the list I made yesterday...

I can tick off number 1!! yipppeee one finished!! (yes I cut and paste it!!)

1. Finish Hello Kitty
2. Stitch 3 Christmas designs for the 2014 July Christmas swap.
3. Finish off the surprise runner up gift for my 1st giveaway.
4. Finish off the wonderful Holmsey meets Fergus design by StitchersAnon.
5. Make another small bag for a project.
6. Stitch 2 designs to make into mini pillows for a charity gift... helping out a friend.

I think I am liking this... its keeping me focused!

I had some lovely stitchy post today.. I am over the moon with.

I am participating in the Round Robin that June from Butterfly Wings has organized...

Its the first time I have joined in on a round robin and let me tell you I was and still am quite excited!!  I stitched my design and posted it off... I dont think it has arrived yet... but I am sure it will be any day now.

I decided to let this stitch from my partner dictate the rest of the stitches to be done!  And I am pleased to say I LOVE what has been stitched.  The good  news is that my partner has sent mine and it arrived today.  My partner was Lynda Ruth Bowers from Purple Pixie Dust Blog...

And the lovely design she sent me...

And just look at the lovely parcel.. I love all the fairies ... so special ..

Thank you so much Lynda for stitching a sheep I LOVE it.  And OMG!! Thank You for all the lovely bits you sent me too.  

I will finish off with what I had to eat as it was delicious!

Its basically mushrooms, sweetcorn, onion and broccoli all tossed together in a WOK with a bit of garlic, chilli and pepper...

Its something I just put together but it tasted really good.  And I will make it again!  

Thought I would show you all this I managed to finish this evening too... its a little French kit I have had in my stash forever and thought I had better finish it and 'do' something with it.  I am thrilled I finished it... 

Here is what I did with it..


Just something about making these little pillows I really like... I think I will have to find a nice basket to display  them all in :)

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Your posts are always sooooo rich in ideas and creations... the Hello Kitty bag is really cute (about the zip, you will find a tutorial on the internet for sure, just give a look) but the turtle pillow is really funny!
    Happy mother's day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day dear
    Big hugs x

  3. Jacquie,tes journées sont incroyablement remplies,ah si je pouvais avoir des journées comme cela!
    Kitty est superbe,les petites tortues sont toutes mignonnes ,tes cadeaux sont divins,
    et puis tes légumes ,rien qu'a les voir j'ai faim.
    Doux dimanche a toi,qui j'en suis sûre sera bien rempli.
    Je t'embrasse

  4. I think you made a great choice on which parts of Hello Kitty to stitch, the bag looks lovely. I love the pile of turtles too, very amusing!

    How does your RR work? Is each person stitching on individual pieces of fabric or is that piece larger than it looks? All the RRs I've done we send one piece each round the group and don't get it back until everyone has stitched on it.

  5. I really like the Hello Kitty design, especially the fabric it is stitched on. Really pretty. xx

  6. wow the Hello Kitty design is all so sparkly and girly.. Great finishes. :D

  7. Hannahs bag turned out so beautifully, well done.
    A great RR parcel that dropped through your letterbox, how lovely.
    The turtles are so cute, little pillows are nice gifts filled with lavender to put into your fabric drawer to make the stitching fabric smell nice as you work.

  8. Your daughter's little pouch is lovely! Love the finished Hello Kitty, it's so sweet!!!


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