Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday 22 nd May 2014...

I have been a little creative today!  Gosh the day has passed so quickly.. do you find that when your busy enjoying something?  

Well yesterday I gave you a little sneak peek..

And today I made this...

Here is another photo as today I seem to be useless at taking photo's!

I did stitch some others and was going to 'make' something larger but wanted the challenge of trying to stitch the little hexagon together!

They were all going to be 'garden' related and I was going to stitch them into something... what I was not so sure!! ha ha you know how it is ,..... I just 'make' something!  Maybe I will get around to it?

Talking of getting around to things... 

Its seems I have a lot of things to do!! Eeeekkk!!

1. Make something for Round Robin partner :)
2. Make Christmas gifts x3.... for Christmas in July swap :) (almost finished 1)
3. Join in on the virtual SAL with Stitchers Anon :)
4. Start my Blue Ribbon design :)
5. Start my Little House Needleworks design :)


I better get stitching and stop getting side tracked!! ha ha  

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book or leaflet that has the basics in for making a scissor holder, scissor fob, needle keep and pin cushion.  Or a good one that is easy to follow?  See I seem to dabble and think I would like to follow a chart and make a set to keep.  If you know of a really good one... please let me know its name and I am sure my husband can track one down for me?!  And it gives him something to do too! :)

Jon did a search on the internet for a book or leaflet/booklet to see what was in them but actually came up blank as he does not know what they are actually called.  Accessories?  Stitching accessories?  So this is why I am asking you lovely people if you know of any so we can have a look.. Thank You ever so much.

As for tomorrow... what am I up to?  Its Friday and .... hmmm I think some stitching!! ha h a ha  I really need to at least finish one of the Christmas things. 

OK!! That is my aim for tomorrow.. to finish one of them.  I saw a cool photo on another blog showing the scraps they used for one of the Christmas things they were making.  Now I love this idea so I may post a few scrap photos! Ha ha ah a But you will have to wait to see them as I am not going to spoil it.

Its a good job I have these rather cute blue birds,... my post is rather dull today.. I am sorry.  I will see what else I can think of for tomorrow and make a colorful post.  Love color so OK tomorrow will be filled with color :)

Until then... Happy stitching to you all and remember to smile :)


  1. Your hexagon shaped pincushion looks brilliant! I love the shape, it makes a great change. Happy stitching! Xxx

  2. Adorable hexies! Take a look here for many ideas.

  3. Your pincushion is so cute! There are so many tutorials out there - try Lynn's tutorials - they are chock full of photos -
    Hope this helps

  4. lovely pincushion

  5. How cute is your pin cushion love it hugs.

  6. I LOVE that hexagonal finish on the cute beehive! Really cute!
    I don't know if you go to the blog for The Twisted Stitcher. That is Vonna, and she does beautiful finishing. She has many tutorials on her blog.
    Also, you can click on her blog at the top of the page and you will love to look at her things! I hope this is helpful~

  7. What a fabulous finish! Great job. :)

  8. Lots of finishing ideas on this link Jacquie. Your little hexi's look super.


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