Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wednesday 14 th May 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well you probably noticed that I did not make a post yesterday?!  Hmmm yes!! Well I was actually stitching.... trying to finish a lovely design.

I am pleased to say I have now finished it!! yipppeeee

Do you remember it started like this...

Then this..

The finished design..

A close up...

I changed the border color from blue to green.. I am more of a green person see!  This design and many other really cute and lovely designs are from StitchersAnon  here is the link to the blog and design link so you can see for yourself.

So now all I have to do is 'make' it into something.. I will have to look for some inspiration I think.

Talking of inspiration... 

I had these two books delivered .. the Cath Kidston Patch book I have been after for a long while.  To I guess experiment with!  And the other book was nice too!  I guess they can be classed as early birthday gifts to myself! ha h a now that is funny!

And look what is inside the Cath Kidston book..

I am quite excited about this as it means I can experiment! oooh!!

Onto something really touching now...

Well Jon and I married on Christmas eve 2009... I know its not our anniversary but Jon replaced my wedding band to this really beautiful Welsh Clogau Tree of Life ring.  See for some reason my fingers have been getting smaller.. and well my original rings were very loose... almost to the point of falling off.  

This is my original engagement ring, but it is now held in place by a lovely well fitting ring.

Its very lovely that Jon should buy a Welsh Clogau ring as he is Welsh!  If you would like to look at the wonderful jewelry her is the link...

I love my Jon to pieces and dont say it enough.... I know he 'checks' in every now and then on my blog to see what I get up to ... so just for you Jon.. I LOVE YOU! xx

I must Thank all you lovely stitching friends for all of Hannah's Birthday wishes... she was really quite touched and asked me to pass on a HUGE Thank You. :)

I guess back to some stitching now!! ha ha 

Smiles to you all :)


  1. What a darling design from Stitchers Anon. So sweet! Your hubby sounds like a jewel - just like mine. I wouldn't trade him for the world!

  2. Your little stitchy finish is so sweet! Love you latest books, the CK one is promising to be a great fun :) Your hubby is a real darling, how sweet!!! Have a stitch-tastic day!!!

  3. Your stitching is sweet and so is your husband! I am happy for you both. :)

  4. Your hubby is very sweet, your stitching is lovely

  5. Your little stitchery is lovely, and the new books I'm sure will keep you busy with new projects. The ring is just stunning what a fantastic gift from your husband, Hope you days are filled with lots of stitching.

  6. Lovely stitching and a super and very special ring.


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