Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday 9 th May 2014....

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Hello... goodness the week is over already... and now yipppppeeeee its the weekend!

I have been busy on my sewing machine.. really getting the hang of it now.  I am experimenting... not sure if what I am doing it any good, but I am having fun making the things!

Here is a little bag I made as I kept dropping the threads!  Ha ha no more as they are all in my little bag.  And it is the first time I have worked with a zip!

Here it is in being used!...

I am actually thrilled with the way it came out, so much that I am going to make more!! But in different sizes... just love experimenting :)

Maybe when I went out earlier I was feeling I could make anything because I came back with this magazine!! ha ha looking through it I am having some doubts!! Maybe could give it a little go... well we learn from mistakes...right?!

I have some really interesting material I bought today I may try making something with??? 

 I also have to finish off Hello Kitty for Han.. 

Well I spoke with her about what she wanted... 

She also wants me to 'fill' her dress in.... I am going with what Han wants!! I showed her all my DMC,  Anchor and Madeira threads and she chose Anchor 1335 its a variegated thread.  Kind of complements the colors already used...we shall see! 

Then once finished stitching I am to make/create something.. like a little bag... to put her makeup brushes in.  I first thought lovely..then realized I was the one that had to make it!! ha ha ha a  Hmmm not sure!  We shall see!!

Something exciting...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I have signed up to the 2014 Christmas in July Swap!! ha ha How fun is that going to be!!  I am really quite excited about it as I have never made any Christmas things before.  And oooh I get to give them as gifts!

The one I have joined in on is being hosed by Kim at Wisdom with Needle and Thread..

I  was sat earlier thinking of what stitching I had to do.... 

1. Finish Hello Kitty
2. Stitch 3 Christmas designs for the 2014 July Christmas swap.
3. Finish off the surprise runner up gift for my 1st giveaway.
4. Finish off the wonderful Holmsey meets Fergus design by StitchersAnon.
5. Make another small bag for a project.
6. Stitch 2 designs to make into mini pillows for a charity gift... helping out a friend.

I know there is much much more I could add to this list.  But if I keep it small now it will not seem so daunting.  And I may actually finish some things on here?!  The list does not hold any of my WIP's!! ha hah  still have my Game Board Sampler by The Drawn Thread I really want to finish.  Gosh!  

I wanted to show you this little parcel I sent to the USA to a stitching friend... the person who actually was the next in line to receive the wonderful stitch "Goodwill" by Little House Needleworks.

I thought it had got lost in the post somewhere as it seemed to take forever... but today in the Little House Needleworks facebook group I had notification it had arrived at its destination!

I sent it to Starr Sarrazin (no blog) with a few other little bits :)  The little chart will be off no doubt on its travels once its been stitched... such a lovely idea and I am pleased I was part of it.

Oh yes!!! 

Well I have added a few more little designs on my blog... you can find them HERE...

They are still in my Halloween collection... I am thinking about starting a new 'sweet' collection... hmmm yes!  That is a work in progress and I will post some when done. 

I have had more wonderful people stitch my designs.. the latest one has been done with glow in the dark threads!! Click the link above to see the amazing results.

Thank you for stitching my designs.. :)

OK... I need to get back to my stitching!! ha ha a

Take care and remember to SMILE :)



  1. Such sweet goodies
    Big hugs xx

  2. Good for you Jackie! You are truly becoming comfortable with your sewing machine. :)

  3. My goodness! Have been (and WILL BE) so busy. Isn't stitching FUN?! I've met some of the most wonderful people…..and YOU are one of them :)
    Hugs and smiles for a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

  4. Your list of 'what to do' is growing, that's what seeing other crafters work does to you, it makes you want to do everything NOW!!! lol.
    Kitty is growing well and your project bag looks really great, well done with the zip, it looks fabulous.

  5. This is a fun bag. I started using a sewing machine just over a year go and am fairly o.k. now but I am never happy doing zips. xx

  6. Great zippy pouch!! It looks lovely :)


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