Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday 11 th May 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I have had a really relaxing day ...

Started off visiting my parents house, see I needed to make a secret birthday cake... its Hannah's birthday tomorrow...12th May.. she will be 19.  I really have no idea where the time has gone... 

Here is the awesome cake!  Hannah loves strange quirky things and every year we try to get or make a different cake for her!

The making... it has cream cheese/vanilla filling (hannah does not like jam!)

The decorated cake...

The top...

The pink bits are pink sparkles... sugar I think.  She likes pink so thought it was different!  There is another surprise for on the top.. I will take some photo's tomorrow of it and the cutting too.  I cannot wait to see inside and the size of slices.

I took some photo's whilst around my parents.. a kind of virtual tour...

Their home...

This I thought funny.. see I have a chevrolet car and my dad liked it a lot so went and bought one too!! But a different model so we can tell them apart!  Mine is the one in front!

This is the taken standing at the front of their house.

Some flowers from their garden...

Here is the back lawn.. I just love all the little flowers.. a rare photo as its over due a mowing!

My parent only live a short distance away from me... take me forever to walk as I am slow!  So I hop in the car and it takes a few minutes...depending upon traffic.  Its really nice having them so near.. although I do phone them every day :)

Some stitching...

Yes I have been stitching.. I erm... started a new project.. well not really new... see I started it last week but got bogged down with other things.  And well it is on my list of things to do!!  

Do you know what it is?
I changed the color of the threads...slightly.  And I am stitching it on hand dyed sparkly linen... its one from the Polstitches pack.

Some progress...

Close up...

I am really loving stitching this design... I will reveal all probably on the next posting update as you will all see what it is!! 

Here is Mrs Norris doing what she does best... stopping me from stitching!!

Ok..back to my stitching... 

Thank you all for popping in and remember to smile :)



  1. Love your Virtual Tour - the cake looks so YUMMY!!!

  2. Hello Jacquie,

    My oh my that cake is huge. Happy Birthday to Hannah.

    Happy days.

  3. Hello, I was a few days behind reading your blog as I want to my sister's for the weekend. She lives in RI so it was a 2 1/2 hour trip by car. You have been very busy!! Happy Birthday to Hannah!! She is going to love her cake as it looks yummy! I have never seen such a tall cake and look forward to seeing all the pictures once it has been cut!! I wanted to thank you so much for the package. I love the needle book!! I was running out the door when I discovered the mail. No one let me know it had arrived and I happened to notice it on the hutch in the dining room..Thanks again!! The Little Kitty bag you made for Han turned out great!! I really love the fabric you got from Polstitches and may break down and get some once I try the fabric I purchased at Celebration of Needlework. I need to try linen to see if that's what I want to work on...Are you feeling any better? Has the iron started working? Hope so!! That's all for now. Enjoy your night!

  4. That is a TALL cake and looks yummy! I'm sure she will love it! The virtual tour is fun, complete with pretty flowers! It's nice that your parents live so close by! And I have to say that I am a total "cat person" so I love your kitty!! What beautiful markings in her fur!! So sweet!

  5. Hi Jacquie!
    This can be called a BIG cake... so a big happy birthday wish to your daughter!!!


  6. Wow that cake is so yummy ..
    Happy Birthday to Hannah.

  7. Having family close by is so lovely, my daughter and her family live close and its lovely to be able to stop by and visit.
    Great cake, Happy Birthday to Hannah.... I can say that today as its her birthday today! lol.

  8. hahaha! I made a cake that tall for our Madeleine once. Thin slices. ;)
    Love your parents home and garden. I am so glad you are all close and loving. That is fantastic!

  9. OMG!! That is a HUGE cake :D Enjoy & happy birthday to Han xxx
    Can't wait to see more of your stitching, it looks great already x

  10. That is some cake ! Happy Birthday to Han.
    So nice to have your parents so near, I miss my parents they have both passed now and I miss going for a walk to see them .
    Looking forward to see your stitching grow .

  11. Hi Jacquie! What a great post. I love the pictures of your yard and that cake is amazing! How tall was it? Nice job.. I'm looking forward to the progress you make on your cross stitched piece. Love the linen. I love working with hand dyed fabric. Your fur baby is adorable.


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