Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday 7 th May 2014....

My jar of buttons and bits....

Hello... thought I would share a few things with you today.. as you can see at the top is a jar I have with buttons and bits... I love colored 'anything' ...just something about colors... color makes me happy :)

Talking of color.... Han bought me this hippo a little while ago... I love it!! The color is AMAZING... its practical too.. its an eraser!

Its Harry Hippo...

Do you just love the color of him....

Well something else to share is my 'ort' jar... think its called that...

I have just basically left it... just keep filling and filling it!!  And now well its almost full!! See...

Again... just look at the wonderful colors....

Any suggestions on what to do with all of these lovely colored threads?

Oooh yes..... I write letters to stitching pen pals and found this.. it was too cute to leave in the shop....

And inside... just look at the kittens on the paper...

Like I say just could not leave it in the shop.

Onto some new stitching projects I am starting...

This is a small one..but plenty of color.

I have also started something for Han too.. 

She like Hello Kitty... I found a picture of one in a book she has and scanned it into my PC and made a chart of it!! She chose the fabric... its a sample one Jon recently got me from Polstitches Designs.. its one of their sample grab bags.  The fabric is wonderful..

Through my magnifier as its 32 count even weave... pretty darn small for me!!  

Look at the color..

You can just see the Kitty appearing now... Not sure if I am going to 'color' her in white or not as I rather like the purple glittery look.  I will have to see how it looks when I have stitched her.. 

Han loves glittery things so this will go down a treat.  

I have been looking through my book collection and decided I really should start stitching things from them.  So I have chosen this book and will stitch something from it.  Great idea I think.

Hope your all well... I am plodding on ...

Thank you for all your well wishes, very sweet of you all :)  I am sure things will work out.. I just have to grin and bear it as they say!

Have you entered my first blog give away??? No?? Oh ... please do!! Its open to anyone... no matter where you live.

Oooh yes... dont forget to go and vote for Belinda Karls-Nace's block quilt design... its awesome...

Well thank you so much for popping in.. I cannot believe I have so many lovely followers... still waiting for my 50th follower to contact me... I would love to send a little Thank You gift.

Hope you day has been full of smiles and happiness...

Smiles to you all until tomorrow....



  1. Lovely colors everywhere, I'm loving the buttons I have collected buttons since I was 7, and oh my what a nice jar of colorful ORTS you have. I use some of mine to stuff pincushions I make, and I place them in a net bag or basket and place in a tree for nesting materials.

  2. Hey,
    Tu as raison tes pots de fils et boutons sont bien colorés,et bien remplis aussi!c'est génial,et joli,je dois cacher les miens car je n'ai pas de place pour des pots ou boites.
    La gomme est extraordinaire,ainsi que la toile ou tu brodes Kitty,je n'en ai jamais vue de pareil,une nouvelle broderie en vue ,j'en suis curieuse.Ici c'est ferié aujourd'hui,il pleut,je vais donc moi aussi broder beaucoup,je te souhaite une bien belle journée
    Je t'embrasse

  3. I love colours too and just love rainbows .
    Lovely post and love your kitten stitch.

  4. Love the fabric you are using for the little Hello Kitty!! I'm sure your daughter will love it :)
    Have a stitch-tastic day! xx

  5. A lovely fabric from Polstitches, they have some super colours and the black kitty looks wonderful on it.
    A lot of ladies use the Orts from the jar to stuff a little pincushion for themselves, that way you are recycling them again for something useful.

  6. The Hello Kitty fabric is fab! I put my orts out in the spring for the birds to make beautiful nests with. :)

  7. Everyone should have a button collection! I even cut them off cardigans before I throw them out!
    I would leave Hello Kitty as an outline, and not just because I get bored doing large areas the same colour, I think she looks good like that.


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