Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday 30 th May 2014...

My Thread! .... Anchor 20.

Well hello all you lovely stitching friends out there!

The thread is a clue to what I have been doing!!

I have a lot to tell you about.. o I had better get started!  

Bank Holiday Monday Han and I went out!! Oh not far just to Next at Home and Starbucks then onto The Range.. here are some of the photos.. yes I forgot to post them.But you can go to Han's blog and take a look at her photos... the link to her blog in in my right hand side bar... its Hannah Morris's Blog! :)

So yes...

Then onto the Range...

Ha ha and do you know I never bought anything! ha ha Han treated me to coffee and cake!!  That was really nice :)

Today being Friday I decided to try something new... I had heard about a lovely 'crafting' group that hold meeting every Friday morning.. and it was free!! I could go along meet some new people and faces and talk about what I love making and doing... and dabble a bit in what ever craft I feel like doing.

I arrived and got a really warm welcome from the ladies.. mmmm coffee!!!  It was really lovely to sit and chat and gosh the hours passed far too quickly.  So I have decided to pop along there every Friday now :)

Here is a little photo of the table we were all sat around... and yes there was cake!

Oooh I have something very exciting to tell you about... well 2 things actually!!  the first is that Jon bought me the most amazing birthday present this year...

Yes its almost ... ha ha not quite my birthday!  And Jon I might add is AMAZING!! Look what he bought me this year!!! I am stunned!!

This... yes ALL of these!!!

And then gave me £40 to go to the fabric shop to buy what ever fabric I wanted!!  So this is what I bought...

I know I have had this all early.. but what great birthday gifts!! I joked with him about the books and he said he could not chose and was not sure which one to get so bought them all!!! ah ah a!!

I bet your wondering what I am going to make with all this wonderful fabric and bits??  Oooh yes I must say it came from my favorite shop... More Sewing.. here is a link to their Facebook page...  LINK HERE

I have a wonderful design I am going to make... and it is all my creation too!! I am really quite excited about it.. and now I get to use my crafting goodies I have had for ages... ha h about time I got some use out of these!  

And look what else I found in our shed.. 

They are DMC machine threads!! Just what I need now I am using my sewing machine!

As and when I start this project I will post updates... see it will be the first actual start to finish quilt I have made! eeeekk really excited!

But... I have to finish other projects I have on the go at the moment... I still have 1 Christmas 'thing' to make... and then there is the lovely design for Kim for the Round Robin.... eeeek!!!

Here is a sneaky photo Jon took of me... stitching  away.. see I am stitching!!  I look like a little (large!) pixie!

oooh er Kim... do not look closely at this... in fact look away here!! 

One of the last thing I would like to share is my yummy salad... OMG it was delicious ....

Last but not least... OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Today is the last day to enter my first blog giveaway!!! Then I will be sorting out all the entries ... Han said she will help and be the 'unofficial' adjudicator!! ha h ah a I hope to post the 3 winners tomorrow at some point :)
Fingers crossed to you all :)

And if you have not yet entered... the link to the giveaway is on the right side in the margin at the top.. says Giveaway!!

Right I think this post is long enough!! Time to get back to my stitching...

Happy Smiles to you all :)

xx :) xx


  1. How cool is that, a crafty group close to you!! I love the fabric with the little birds on it, it's so so cute :) Your salad looks so yummy.. I had a nicoise salad for my lunch today.... Lovely yummy rabbit food :D Have a wonderful evening x

  2. What a fabulous collection of books... friends, coffee, cake, stitching supplies and a salad! And, may I say, you look wonderful in your stitching chair. Have a good weekend!

  3. It was lovely to have you join our group today. What a great (early) birthday present - all those lovely books. See you next week. X

  4. Wowie zowie! What amazing gifts!!!

  5. Great gifts!!! You got a whole library of presents!! And I LOVE those fabrics--the colors are wonderful--really nice!!!

  6. Wow very lovely gifts :)
    Big hugs x

  7. Lovely post today. I can see your Birthday countdown clicking away!! If you email me your address I might remember to send a card!!

    I popped over to Hannah's blog to leave a nice comment, but she has it set as only Google Plus people can comment. I don't know if she is aware of that? Anyway, I thought it was a lovely blog, she's got a good eye for colour and photos too. I wonder where she gets that from? Hmmm? Mum?

    How lovely to find a crafty group near to you too, it's always good to meet likeminded people.

  8. wow Jacquie, they are all such gorgeous books! What a fab way to celebrate your birthday early! I'm sure the 3 giveaway winners will be happy with their mail... x


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