Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday. ...

Sorry for missing a day....

Typing this on my iPad as I have not been so well...

I have been stitching... Secret things!  So once my dad has posted them on Friday I am sure I could post a photo ... Do you think?

Ooh yes I have joined the Smalls SAL 2014... There is a new box on the right hand side of my blog.... It's the link to the host.  Goodness... I hope I was able to join... I just tagged along!

It said to leave a message saying hi... I could not find the comments box to leave one :(. So if the host or other SAL members make it this far 'hello' !! I love stitching and am normally really busy stitching.. Unfortunately recently I have been ill, oh bit I am still stitching as it takes my mind off things.

As for what to show... I guess I am supposed to show something I have stitched... This is a tad difficult at the moment as like I say I am on my iPad and all my photo's of my projects are held on my PC.  I know it's rather inconvenient .... But I hope to make a better post soon..

Thank you all for stitching with me and I will resume normal blogging posts soon.

Smiles to you all for being understanding....



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon...

  2. En ésperant que tu te rétablie bien vite,je t'embrasse

  3. Hope you feel better soon , hugs and xxx .

  4. Sending big hugs your way sweetie!!! xxx

  5. Hope you feel better soon dear
    Hugs x

  6. Feel better. I know from where you are coming .... I finally figured out how to link my pc and tablet. So now I can access my pc pics .... most of the time, at least. These things are too complicated sometimes.

  7. I hope you are better soon, best wishes!

  8. I wish you a quick recovery, warm regards to you.


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