Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday 28 th May 2014......

Today I thought I would show you what I will be doing instead of what I have done... see I cannot show you any of what I have done because its all a surprise!  

I have been working on the Christmas swap.. I have now completed 2 and a half!! Ha h a yes almost finished them!  I still have to stitch the Round Robin design... my partner is the lovely Kim and I contacted her to ask some questions as I wanted to make something she would like... I think now I have chosen the right thing to stitch?!  We shall see when I send it to her!  I am hoping to do that and have it in the post by Monday.... or if I am side tracked again the in the post some time next week!! ha ha I think I do have June to stitch it ... it has to go quite far so the quicker I get it done the better!  And Kim I think is like me... keeping things secret and surprise is hard!  So kim if your reading this... I will stitch it and get it into the post as soon as I have done it!!  :)

Its really annoying on my part as I have been stitching loads but cannot show you... and I did think about stitching something else so that I can post it on my blog... but I know I would get side tracked and the things I need to make would not get done!  

Guess your wondering why I have put the Advent Animals as the top of the page??? Well I am really excited as the next animal has been released .... yippppeeeeeee!!!! 
Its just so cute too...  
Mary Mouse..

How wonderful is she!!!  I cannot wait to stitch her... Oh I have not stitched this one,... I borrowed her off the site to show you all.  

Here is what I have stitched so far....

Mary Mouse is going to look adorable next to these two.  Such a great thing to stitch too.. I loved stitching Katie Kitty and Polar Bear Pete... 

If you think this is something you would like to do you can still join in the fun... there is a Facebook page where we all chat and post our up dates... such a lovely group too. 

I also have a link direct to the Advent Animals on the designers blog... the link is in the right hand side bar, or look here...

I will post my progress once I start it... h ah a after I have done the other bits I need to first!

What else have I been up to?.....
Well whilst blog hopping I have come across a few giveaways... I will post all the links so feel free to enter :)

1.  This is for the Snowflower Diaries... ends 1st  June.

Just a wonderful giveaway really... beautiful designs and WOW just looks what is been given away! :)  Good luck if your entering.

2.  This is a giveaway on Red Pepper Quilts.... ends 1 st June.

Red Pepper Quilts blog is one I am regularly on... see I love everything on their pages!  Quilting is something I would like to get more into.  I love patch working and want to take to the next level and make something!  So yes the give away is for fabric and wonderful fabric it is too!  Go take a look!  Good luck if your entering.

3.  Fat Quarter Mega Quilt Market Sweepstakes.. ends 30th June.

This is for a totally AMAZING prize .. gosh I am totally shocked at what is being given away here!  There will be 12 winners!!  All you have to do is answer a few questions!  Go take a look and if you enter... good luck!!

4.  My First blog giveaway!... ends 30 th May

As you are aware I am now giving away 3 prizes... eeekkk!! With I hope some lovely things you will like! Good Luck if your entering :)

5. Hibiscus Stitches is having a wonderful giveaway too... ends 30 th May.

This giveaway is adorable.. I love strawberries and oooh this is juicy!  Sadly the amazing design under the fabric is not in the giveaway!  Go take a look and if you enter good luck :)

Hope you take a look and enter... oooh yes they are all open to international entries.. you just never know!! If your not in it you cannot win it as they say!! 

Ok enough chat.... ha ha  must get back to my stitching or I will have nothing to show you!! 

Back to the stitching....

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your version of Mary Mouse :)

  2. Great post - and you have gotten my curiosity up about the Round Robin. Can hardly wait! I know it will be beautiful!

  3. ooOoo! I did not know Mary Mouse was out! Thank you Jacquie. :)

  4. Love your advent animals on the green aida, Mary will look right at home with the 2 friends you have stitched so far.

  5. oh, your Mary Mouse is really lovely!!!
    Have a nice evening!

  6. Advent Animals is adorable! Thanks for sharing all of the giveaways, I like to share giveaways that I find here.
    She changes the link up each week on Sunday's.

  7. Mary Mouse is so cute - you will have fun stitching her.

  8. Hello, I've popped over from the crafting exchange sussex facebook page and now following you! X

  9. I really want to stitch the advent animals. They are so cute!!


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