Sunday, 25 May 2014

Saturday 24th May 2014...

Designed by me!

WOW!!! Another day of being side tracked!!! ha ha I love it!!!

Well as you can see from the header photo I have been busy!  I finished the red work design I was doing...

This one, 

It was my very first attempt at doing Red Work and I really enjoyed it... so much that I decided to make my own one!  And the header is the result.  Yes I love turtles and thought it quite apt that I do a turtle as I am well it feels like I am going at a slow pace!  Slow progress is better than none!! ha ha so true!! :)

Well I am busy being side tracked... I think I am going to have to prioritize now as I will forget to do things if I am not careful.  There are 3 or 4 things that I need yes need to stitch before the end of June... it appears I do have a little more time than first thought. But I have no clue what to stitch for one of them... this is taking more time than I thought.  Its the deciding  that is holding me back!  I just cannot seem to make my mind up ...

Gosh sounds like I am rambling!  Must stop this!!

I have been consumed with doing this red work pretty much all day!  Eeek!! I tell you getting side tracked is not a good thing.  I think oooh just look at that and before I know it the day has gone! ha h aa

Talking of days.. this month is flying by.. ok so its probably going the exact same speed as every other year!  But to me right now the days just seem to be going far too quickly.  Before we know it ... it will be Christmas again.  ha h a well Christmas in July for the swap!!! ha h a 

Ok I am going now... see I typed this up much earlier and then went off to be creative... just come to see why the page was open on my PC and OH DEAR!!! I never actually finished the post!! hmmm just as well I checked why this page was open!  

OK so I am going now,..... I will do some more stitching tomorrow.. 

Smiles :)


  1. Je ne trouve pas que tu es lenteur escargot dans tes ouvrages!
    ton redwork est admirable,bravo.
    Doux Dimanche

  2. lovely stitchery

  3. Love your red work , I have some charts I want to do in red work , is there an easy way how to get your design on the material or do you use a light box , I have one but don't like using it.
    Love your design . And yes this year is going by far to fast for me. Hugs.

  4. Good for you! How sweet. Great job on both pieces.

  5. Your work is lovely. Have a nice Sunday. hugs Lynda

  6. The redwork is beautiful, you seem to be having so much fun with your craftwork recently.


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