Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday 19th May 2014...

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I hope your day is as lovely as here? The sun is shining and here the sky is bright blue...

I have something wonderful to share with you... its a little gem of an internet shop I want to share with you.  They stock a wide variety of things from...accessories, fabrics, threads including Weeks dyes, finishings and many many kits and charts by popular designers.  The best thing of all is they are based in UK and stock popular American charts.... all at reasonable prices.  Their postage/shipping rates are very competitive too. 

Jon found this amazing place and busy making a list of things I like!!

Their name is so cute..

If you would like to go visit them HERE is the link.

There is also a quick link always on my page if you want to use this for your blog feel free to.

Just wanted to share this great place to buy stash from as its wonderful :)

I feel terrible as I cannot show you what I am stitching... I love posting up dates and getting feed back.  Like I say I feel awful that I cannot show you.  If you are not aware I am currently stitching something for the Christmas in July swap... this is why you cannot see it!!  Oh but it will be a lovely surprise when I do show you then!  Sorry you have to wait... hope you all understand as I dont want to give away what I am stitching.

Not that I want to be all negative as that really is not me.... but I am having a rough time at the moment.  I have a lot of stress in my life right now... I find stitching is helping me relax take my mind off things.

Today I thought I was having a mid life crisis!! Seriously!  Well I am almost 43!  I woke up and got dressed... did a few things around my home and then later needed to go get some shopping.  Well I could hardly go out in my 'slouch around the house wear!'  oh you know joggers and t-shirt.  I looked in the wardrobe and drawers and could not find anything... see I have thrown out a lot.. almost all my clothes as they were all to big.  So now I was looking for something to wear to the shops... 

I sat on my bed and burst into tears... I have no identity.... I was sick of wearing joggers and t-shirts... who am I?  I dont want to be know for just wearing these.  But what other clothes do I wear?? So you see this is why I had a mid life crisis!

I phoned my mother, as you know only lives around the corner.. explained to her what I was feeling and tomorrow she is taking me into town to buy me some clothes.  She said its 25 degrees and I could not be in jogging bottoms and t-shirts!  I am so grateful that I still have my mother.. we are close and she can sense when I am not right.  We have a joke in our family that she is the white witch!!

So tomorrow I am off to town for a spot of shopping... to find me!  So I am feeling OK now as I know my mum will help me.

It was not always like this.. since staying at home going no where .. not out as I stay in most days with Jon... rather than wear 'nice' clothes it became easy to just put joggers and t-shirt on.  Its been 4 years since Jon's accident and that I have been at home 24/7 ... I really dont know who I am anymore.

And I guess with all the stress I have right now I am thinking this has to be a mid life crisis!! ha ha gosh I am laughing now but Oh it felt bad earlier!!

Well enough chit chat I think!!  Thank You for listening and letting me prattle on!!  I feel oh so much better...

Looking forward to my shopping trip with my mum tomorrow :)

Well smiles to you all .. until tomorrow :)


  1. Yes I've ordered from them before :) Have fun compiling your list!!! I can guess it's going to be a never ending one :D Happy stitching x

  2. You are so lucky to have your Mom and have her be so close. I can understand the identity thing. I had to find it when I lost weight, now that I've put over half of it back on I'm having trouble identifying with myself again. I need new clothes and I just hate everything I see myself in cause its bigger!

    1. Losing weight and keeping it off is the hardest thing ever to do. I know I have been there many many times. If I can say one thing to you it would be to take each day at a time. Everyone is different and has ups and downs through life.. you can pick yourself up again and slowly change things for the better... but you have to want to... this is something I have learnt. For years I said I wanted to lose weight but did not understand I needed to change my whole outlook.. its a healthy lifestyle choice not a diet and once I understood that I started to feel better about myself and lose weight. Identity for me is hard as I really have no clue who I am! I am still experimenting with clothes and I think I will be happy once I can fit into my wellingtons! One day...


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