Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday 23 rd May 2014....

Well today is full of firsts... lots to tell you... ha ha  do you like the header?  I thought it apt seeing as how today I have been experimenting!

But before I go any further... 'Hello' :)  I think it nice to greet you all :)

So well...

It has been another day of side tracks!  Eeeekk!!! I know I am really terrible.. its just that there are so many wonderful things to try I want to have a go!  

After seeing some stitchings on other blogs I thought I would have a go!  I am not actually sure what this type of stitching is called?  Hoping some one can tell me...

Any way I downloaded a chart pattern or what ever you want to call it... and started... 
Here is how far I have got..

A close up...

Yes I have been using a pencil.. but only temporarily as Jon has ordered me a special purple pen.  Then pen I am sure is right off Harry Potter as Jon tells me the ink will disappear after some time!  WOW!! I cannot wait to see this!  And I guess it will make this so much easier too? 

So yes I am using a pencil at the moment.. cannot say its the easiest thing to do but I am loving the outcome.  I cannot believe I have never tried this before!  And its quite a quick process too.

Oooh yes a sneak peek at the Christmas fabric  I am using for the Christmas Swap.... yes Jon tracked it down for me!  What would I do without him!! Ha ha he finds everything for me..... well see I am far too busy stitching and experimenting to source things I need!  And Jon looks all over the world for me.. when have I time to do that??!  Thank You Honey :)  I really do appreciate all that you do :)

Something slightly different now...

Its my mess!! ha ha a I am not joking!  This is currently what my work space looks like!  Tomorrow, that is Saturday.. I am having a sort out!  I need to I think!

Here is my ever growing stash of fabrics...
I love color as all of you know but I seem to be lacking a good selection of color here... I guess this takes years to fill...

And more color in the pins I use..

This evening I had something totally lovely for dinner... I call it beetroot surprise!  

This is it... a lovely salad with garlic and herb cheese squares.

The surprise element is on the bottom.. lol had to eat some to show you!

I love eating fresh salad.. and its so good for you too :)

This made me giggle so thought I would share with you all.... hoping you will giggle too...

Look what wonderful geeky thing I bought today!! ha ha   Its for my Maths exam coming up 9th and 13th June. 

I did think of dropping out of maths due to an incident that happened on campus where I was threatened and intimidated.  It was an awful experience and made me quite scared to actually go back to the campus.  I informed the college at the start of the week why I will not be attending classes any more and they were totally shocked.  They are now helping me get through this and offered me to take my exams at the other campus.  I am happy that they have done this as I think I would like to still try... 

And now I have this amazing maths set how can I not go!!  I have dropped out of English as I feel totally let down by the college here. No place to progress after working so hard...  and I applied well in advance.  Enough talk of English... its finished with.

I feel better knowing I have made this decision.  I hope I will be fit enough to go into college for the exam as my anemia is still really bad.  But hey I am not dwelling on that either!

Cross stitching... yes I have been doing some!  ha ah cannot show you ... its a secret!! sshhhhhh!!!

Do you know I set those goals or targets yesterday and in no way shape or form have I even followed them! ha ha a  Well I enjoyed making the list!

So I am going now.. back to my stitching!

Smiles to you all... and Thank You for suggesting some really great links and sites for me to look at :)


  1. Love the card and the fabric stash - very varied.

    1. Thank You for popping in :) Only varied as I love to experiment! I think the more I delve into attempting to make a quilt I may stick to certain colors and be a bit more disciplined! :)

  2. Your work space looks like mine ha, Lovely materials also love what you are making , all the best with your maths.

  3. its red work that you are doing and very nicely too .. the pens are fab ... you use them for patchwork too :) the work space well you can't be creative and tidy too
    nice fabric stash and yes it will grown ... take it from experience heheheheh .... good luck with the maths exam too :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Beautiful stitches and fabric stash is so yummy
    Big hugs x

  5. Yes, red work that is. :) How sweet. The pen will be a big improvement. Jon is a real dear.

  6. So glad to hear the college is working with you to resolve the math location incident. Now if they'd just get their act together for your English dilemma!

    Your red work looks lovely. You might want to check out this blog:
    Jenny is a dear who shares free patterns and tutorials and I think you'll really enjoy her style.

    Craftsy has a helpful crewel embroidery class on sale right now that offers a lot for just $9.99 US that looks quite interesting. Even though I know several of the stitches she's teaching, I'm thinking of taking this for the review and new-to-me stitches included and think you'd enjoy it, too. You can check it out here:

    I just realized I sound like an ad - sorry! This was all on my own, no paid advertising, haha!

  7. Your red work looks fantastic! Your fabric stash will soon grow, you'll see :) Glad the college helped you with the math, it's really good news. Now you're so well equipped, I'm wishing you all the best for the exam. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

  8. The redwork looks great.

    I am pleased that college is helping you out. It would be a shame not to do the exam when you have done all the work for it! Good Luck!


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