Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday 8 th May 2014... X2 Giveaways!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Hello everyone!  Hope you are all well on this wet rainy day here is southern UK...

A couple of up dates.. 

first the Hello Kitty I am doing for Han... 

As you can now see I have stitched the outside .... just wondering if I should add other colors..pinks... white... or leave it like this?  What do you think? 

Here are the other wonderful fabrics I received from Polstitches... Jon (other half) found them and got them for me to try... I really like them :)

Oooh yes!!! This should say X2!! ha ha well one mine and one I am spreading the word about..

I am a member of a cross stitch group on Facebook and there was a give away advertised... so thought I would share it with all you lovely people!  More the merrier right?!

Its been organised by Yiotas Cross Stitch -  LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE

There is also a shop..filled with the most AMAZING things I might add!! - LINK TO SHOP

Here is what you could win.... Its the Skull cross stitch kit.

(Photo borrowed from Yiotas FB page)

Giveaway winner announced 12 May 2014 on Yiotas Facebook page

Oh and seeing as we are talking about giveaways... have you entered mine yet??

Here are some of the things on offer..

Please follow this link and make a note under the original post to enter my first giveaway...

Good Luck :)

I have some happy post today.. my subscription copy of Cross Stitch Crazy... and ooooh freebies too!!  I will flick through that with a nice cup of coffee..

Yesterday I showed you one of my books... as I thought it a good idea to actually stitch something out of it!....

I think I may well make this a feature ... working my way through some of my books...

Here are 'some' of my books.. I have run out of space to store them!

And the book I have chosen to stitch from is...

I will post my updates... put here I am ready to start... hmmm yes I was actually at this point yesterday but never started as Han wanted me to concentrate on her Hello Kitty!  So Kitty is on hold for the moment so I thought why not start this!! 

Happy stitching to you all.... until later.. keep smiling :)


  1. I see the Margaret Sherry kittys on the front of your new magazine, they are so cute and gorgeous, but I remember a project I stitched once that drove me nuts with all the backstitch for their did get finished eventually though.
    You have a nice selection of books, I see a couple of titles of ones I have the same as you.
    Hello Kitty looks nice, perhaps Hannah should make the decision if to stitch the kitty or not, as it will be for her.

  2. Aww hello kitty is looking so lovely and all your books are so pretty too
    Big hugs x

  3. Great progress on Hello Kitty! Why not let your daughter decide if she wants more details on it??

  4. omg how many cross stitch books!
    I agree with Julie and Mii, let Hannah decide about her Kitty...

  5. Oh my goodness. YOu are a book lover, too. I shudder to think of all the books I've acquired about stitching and my porcelain painting. Good thing Hubby made me a HUGE book case ;)
    hugs to you

  6. Hello Jacquie,

    You have a great collection of books.

    Happy days.

  7. great cross stitching books

  8. I think Kitty looks lovely as she is. I used to hoard cross stitch books like that but I'm trying to thin them down a bit now before the bookcase collapses ;)


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