Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tuesday 20 th May 2014...

Hello lovely friends :)

Well today I have been out all day!! Its actually shocking because I never stay out all day!  Where have I been??  Good question!  Shopping!  Oh not food shopping... clothes shopping!  I really cannot remember the last time I went into a high street store and bought clothes... well I think that was due to the fact I was much and I mean much much larger.

I have been on a journey and my journey has not finished yet.. When I started blogging this is when I started my journey... I was 23.6 stone in weight (330 pounds).  Even to me this is shocking.

How I looked then ....



I really do not recognize myself back then.... I love how I look now. But I still need to get some smaller glasses as I think they are too big for my face.

Yes I have been slowly but steadily trying to lose weight... I have gone down from a UK ladies dress size 32+ to 20/22 today!!  It really depends on the style and cut of the clothing but I am in total shock that I now fit into size 20 clothing.

I am pleased I have posted this today ... its a visual aid to see exactly how far I have come.  And dont get me wrong here I am not finished!! Oh no!! I still have to lose more weight!!

I have had challenges along the way and set backs but I pick myself back up and carry on.  I think this is the thing I am most proud of for myself.. the fact I still care and still want to try to lose weight no matter what is thrown at me.  I know the road I am on it a very long one.. my stitching has helped me so much.  And yes my stitching has rather taken over my blog but I will never forget what got me here... determination to change and will power to try.

So if your new to my blog and wondering why I post the odd food thing this is why!!  I am still actively trying to lose weight!!

Whilst I was out shopping today look what I saw...

I find all of these things 'pretty' and like them.  This next item I picked up thinking it was cheese in the supermarket... looked closer.. well look!!

It is actually cheese... but chocolate cheese slices!!! OMG!! What ever next!!  Thought it might of brought a smile to some ones face?!

Stitching wise well I got a tonne done last night on my ssshhhhh secret surprise Christmas swap stitch... ha ha not that you can see!  And due to being out all day I have not stitched one stitch at all... well not until after posting this blog then I will no doubt get stuck in!

Talking of blogs.. well it was brought to my attention that I am not with Bloglovin... so I signed up!! You can now follow my blog using bloglovin ... wonderful!

Off to do some stitching now....

Smiles until tomorrow....

:) xx


  1. Jacquie, congratulations on your wonderful journey. You look sensational. Not quite sure I could eat chocolate cheese! But I loved all of the other things you saw on your shopping day.

  2. Hi Jacquie - what an amazing & personal path you have been on - and how exciting for you to enjoy some new styles of clothes that were not your option a while ago! Woo Hoo!
    It takes a lot of commitment & perseverance to do that, you must be made of stern stuff!!
    Did you buy those cushions?

  3. Sympa ce schopping,j'aime bien les hiboux,moins le régime,mais moi aussi je dois en faire,donc je penserais a toi!tes salades me font toujours envie mais pas le fromage eu chocolat,pouah!!!!
    Continue et bon courage,par experience je sais que cela est trés dur.
    Bises,j'éspere que tu as trouvé de beaux habits.

  4. congratulations on your continuing journey and love that photo of you ....think you will need to come over here and give me some hints and tips ....
    well done on the stitching and I will wait patiently till we can see them ....where did you see all those goodies btw .... not the cheese perish the thought :( love mouse xxxxx

  5. Such a sweet journey and I love all the things you met on your way :)
    Hugs x

  6. Well done sweet friend , I love how positive you are and I am sure you are going to help others.
    You look fantastic.
    Have a lovely week.

  7. Munching on my lunch salad as I'm reading your post...fighting weight, what a very difficult battle but you are doing brilliant! You've seen some pretty things during your shopping trip, I hope you found some lovely clothes too :) I love cheese (although very rarely eat it, due to diet), with me being French, of course! And I love choccie too (who doesn't??) but chocolate cheese??? Are they insane at Tesco??? No thank you :P Have a fabulous day xx

  8. You are awesome Jacquie! You have accomplished so much! I am so happy for you.

    I loooove chocolate and cheese, but chocolate cheese?! No thanks.

  9. You. Look. Amazing! Keep fighting!!!!

  10. Wow Jacquie!! You have come a long way with your weight loss and I give you credit for keeping at it!! Good for you!!

  11. How lovely you look and how far you have come!!! You should be very proud of yourself--losing weight is the hardest thing there is!!! You have had great success!
    Chocolate cheese....I seem to remember a fudge recipe MANY years ago that used processed cheese (Velveeta) but it didn't taste like cheese. It was a fad, maybe in the 70s. I'll have to look online for it!!! I think it used cheese instead of oil--funny what I remember!!!! HA

  12. You've done a great thing for yourself in starting your weight loss journey. Stay strong and keep losing. I've lost 40 pounds and have been stable for a year, but I'd like to get another 10-15 off. Just gotta figure out what to do next!


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