Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thursday 15 th May 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Hello lovely stitchers!

I have been busy stitching.. I have really enjoyed my day :)

I started off by 'making' something from the lovely Stitchers Anon design...

The front...


The left side with a large deep pocket and little pockets...

The right side with scissor, pin and needle keeps...

The back.. 

I really have no idea how I come about making this.. see I was going to make a little pillow again!! Then I guess my creativity took over!  Again its far from perfect.. the main thing is that I enjoyed making it right??

Then this afternoon I did more stitching!! Yes more!! Loving today like I say!! :)

Its a little design form The Daily Stitch Online Newsletter.. this design is from May 2009.. you can look at the newsletters here at....

This is what I made...

I chose this fabric to go with it...

The front...

The back...

I made this scissor fob too...

I like how they look together...

Its the first scissor fob I have made!! ha ha Let me tell you it was really quite fiddly and hard... but me being me never give in.. love a challenge!  I am going to make another one... learning as I go remember!!

I really love this fabric I recently got from More Sewing  ... if you want to see what other amazing fabrics they have take a look HERE

Today I have really enjoyed sewing and stitching... its really nice when a project is finished.  Its like a 'phew' I made that!  Do you know what I mean?  And sometimes I amaze myself to what I can do!  I mean the sewing machine... I love using it now!  I am still on the same stitch though!! I need to 'understand' it better and experiment using different stitches I think.

Are you all aware... silly question I am probably the last to know this!! ha ha Well Little House Needleworks have brought out a set of lovely designs called Sun, Moon and Stars.  The first one is called Over The Moon.  The second one is called Beneath The Stars and the last in this set of three is called Under The Sun.  Now like I say you all probably know this!!

Today I received my first one!!! My darling husband ordered the set for me... I think as an early Birthday gift!  My birthday is 21 st June the longest day of the year.. you know what that means?? I get to stitch for longer!!! ha ha  So yes the first one... Over The Moon arrived today.  I am over the moon!! ha ha 

I was thinking.. is anyone else out there stitching this??  Or this set??  I would be most interested as we could all stitch along!  Or is that a really silly idea?

I have not started it yet.. but plan to shortly.

Here is a link to Little House Needleworks information on the little set of wonderful stitches ...

Here is what arrived...

Ooooh yes just joined something I am very excited about... its a Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) and people from all over the world join together doing something they enjoy.

The little black board with the link for the Sew In is on the right hand side of my blog... just scroll down.  Come join in!!

Happy stitching to you all and sending LOTS of smiles to you all :)



  1. Excellent work Jacquie! Good for you, using your creative skills. What is happening with school?

    1. Thank You Vickie :) School.. yes!! I have been off for 3 weeks now... its ok I have had work sent to me. Its my anemia.. I thought I was getting better then I go out, you know shopping and I find I am out of breath just walking. So I have been taking it easy.. learning form home for a little while until I get my strength back. I have to go in next Wednesday as I have the 2nd part of my English exam.. I will save my energy for that day! Thank you for asking... I am still learning!! :)

  2. I love all the stitchings ayou have made -well done jaqcui!1 The sampler style pinpillow is lovely -the fabric You have choosen is just perfect match to the stitching!1

  3. I too love the fabric for the bird pillow - it really complements your beautiful stitching. You are really flying with your machine now...your sewing case is gorgeous. Of course I know first hand how good you are as I have my very own Jacquie pillow to treasure. Sorry to hear you're still no better. Good luck for your exam next week. Hope you are studying as well as stitching!

  4. You have certainly been busy, playing away with your sewing machine! :) Love the fabric you used for the little bird pillow!! Have fun with your latest chart, it's promising to look fabulous. Have a stitch-tastic day xx

  5. Wow all your stitching is so beautiful..I love it so much ❤️❤️
    Good luck for your exam next week..
    Hugs x

  6. Looks like you are really enjoying your stitching , you made a great job hugs.

  7. Oh my goodness. You are going to town with your finishes - love, love them ALL!

  8. Wow, lots of stitching and sewing here. I have to be in the right frame on mind for sewing.

    I love your stitcher's pocket, great idea.

    I also like the new LHN designs but I am resisting!!


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