Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday 21st May 2014...

Beautiful flower from my garden

Thought I would share the beautiful flowers that have popped up in my front garden.. I have no idea what they are called.. all I know is that they are lovely! 

Here are some more...

This is the bush those beautiful flowers come from...

I believe these are called fuchsia?... very pretty.

I think this is a weed but that is fine.. I like how yellow it is :)

That was the flowers....

Got me thinking...

Thought I would stitch something new.. a quick stitch as I cannot show you my Christmas stitch I am working on.

Here is how I started...

Then to this...

Then I decided to make something different.. 

Apparently its called a pin roll.. 

The little cute designs I am doing are from this book...

Its the first time I have a pin roll and well I am not convinced that I like it... so I am currently making something else now!

This time I am experimenting with hexagon patchwork shapes... up date to follow tomorrow.
A sneak peek...

Lastly I thought I would share my dinner this evening with you all... I should explain that I say I am a vegetarian... well its more like I am a VERY selective eater.  I only eat white chicken if I cook it and put it on my plate.  See I dislike fat and grease ... and because I am so fussy I hardly eat it.  This chicken I had for dinner this evening is the first meat I have eaten in months!  The salad is just lettuce with cucumber in a ranch dressing.  I actually really quite enjoyed it.
Until tomorrow....

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Hello - The pink flowers are called peonies. I have them in my garden as well. Love them but once mine bloom it usually rains and they end up laying on the ground so now I put a wire cage around them to grow through to hold them up. The pin cushion you made with the bees turned out very cute! Well I'm off to bed have a great night!

  2. beautiful flowers, your finish is very cute

  3. Lovely stitching so cute, Beautiful flowers .

  4. Lovely finish..and very pretty flowers x

  5. Your first flowers are peonies!!! My favourite blooms :) They smell wonderful & comes in different colours. Lovely stitchy finish & absolutely yummy looking salad!!! :D I have something really similar to this for my lunch today ;)

  6. Your front garden is pretty Jacquie. Your little pin roll is sweet. :)
    Good for you healthy eating. I eat a bit more meat than you, but just a bit.

    1. I have your message Vickie... thank you for popping in :) I checked and everything is set up fine. I get your messages straight to my blog.. I just dont get any email confirmation.. why I am not so sure?

  7. Lovely flowers and such a pretty finish.

  8. Beautiful flowers! I love the little bee finish!! Your fabric and trim are perfect--so cute! I'm liking bees right now! I have several charts I need to stitch!

  9. Cute little stitch and nicely finished!!! Mmmm dinner looks good!

  10. Love the peonies and all your pretty garden pics! And you can give me the dark meat. :)

  11. Bizarrely I've just got my first ever copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting and on a first skim through it appears they have patters for a needle book, pin cushion and scissor fob. Not sure how easy they are but they're there.


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