Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday 2 nd May 2014...

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Did you all miss me??!!! 
I am pleased and over the moon to be back...

I am feeling so much better now.. I think I am on the mend...yipppppeeee!!

What happened to April? It seems I blinked and its gone!

So what have I been doing...  trying to relax and take it easy.  I say that as I really have been trying... honest!

Han came in on Wednesday from college in a little state staying she was not happy with the way her project was going at college.  And that she wanted to change it but needed inspiration!! Oh my!! So are you wondering what form this inspiration came in?? ha ha We ended up buying tickets online and travelling to London Thursday!! I know!! I should of been relaxing and taking it easy.. but Han needed my help.

So we caught the train to London and basically spent the day in the Science museum and the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum)!!  We did go for a bite to eat at the Duck and Waffle restaurant... AMAZING!!! Apparently its the tallest eating place in UK!! 40 flights up!!  Han took a lot of photo's of your jaunt.. I will post them soon.. you can see what we got up to then!

Here is the link to Han's blog as she has just posted the jaunt on her blog complete with photo's!!

I have posted all my letters and parcels so they are as we speak/type on there way!! Very exciting!!

Today I have been really busy... post office visit and OMG!! an amazing visit to a local shop I have been wanting to go to!!

I must apologize about the quality of my photo's.. its a rather grey old day today :(  Next time I go.. oh yes I WILL be going again!! I will take Han as we all know her photo's are SO much better!! ha ha 

Its a lovely shop with really nice staff called More Sewing.. The owner is called Laura Rigby, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark and two other ladies.

Here is a link to their Facebook page.....

I walked in and I was greeted really warmly, and well I was in awe with the amount of beautiful fabrics...

Here are some photo's and you can see what I mean!

As you can see they have an AMAZING selection of fabrics.. needless to say I was in the shop over an hour!!

And what did I buy...

There are a few things missing from here that I bought as I am organizing a little surprise giveaway..

Yes I am doing a little give away!!

There is a theme to my giveaway... all will be revealed shortly!....

I would just like to say Thank You to Mark and the staff that were in the shop today when I popped.  I thought you were all very friendly and I loved the shop!  I will be back soon!! :)

Goodness I must tell you about this....

Do you all remember when I stitched these beautiful designs by Belinda Karls-Nace... from BRD Designs... 

The design was in The World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 216...

As usual I received the Blue Ribbon Designs Newsletter for May.. I was browsing through enjoying and taking in everything.. when.... I clicked on GALLERY and WOW!! My stitched design!

Thank You Belinda for featuring my stitched design in your newsletter... it was a lovely surprise.

Oooh YES!!!! I have something to tell you all regarding Blue Ribbon Designs,....  its the time of year for the AccuQuilt Quilt Block Design Contest... and BRD have entered!! 

Please take a look at the designs BRD have entered .. everything is listed on her blog... take a look!! Ooh yes and there are prizes for voting!! :) 

Good Luck Belinda with your entries.

I will be back with an update on the giveaway I am putting together... 

Smiles to you all...

What a wonderful day!!


  1. What a wonderful day indeed! Lovely shop. And fabrics you purchased.

  2. Wow wow wow! What a great post!!! Love your latest purchases :)

  3. Une belle journée ,oui dans une boutique pareil ouh là là ,que du bonheur!
    de beaux achats,les tissus sont trés jolis,n'as tu pas oublié la broderie?
    Belle soirée

  4. What a lovely day..
    Hugs x

  5. Glad you are feeling better!! Also enjoyed your trip to London!! next time you go please bring me back Big Ben lol I love that big ol' clock haha!!

    Oh my all that fabric!! How much was left after you bought what you wanted (not needed) wanted .... lol

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Good to see you are feeling better and you are up and running again.
    Lovely stash you brought.
    Love your stitched pillows so beautiful, hugs.

  7. Glad to read that you feel better!
    For sure you did the right thing - go to London with your daughter, I've seen her pictures and they are beautiful!
    No wonder that you spent an hour in the fabric shop... it is lovely!
    Now I'll give a look to the link you suggested, have a nice week-end!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! First, I'm glad you're feeling better. Second - what an amazing shop you've found! AUGH! Congrats on your stitching being featured in the newsletter - can hardly wait to hear about your give away.

  9. Just catching up on blog reading after the bank holiday weekend ... a lovely post, lots to see, nice pics on Hannah's blog too of your little excursion.


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