Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunday 18 th May 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Hello everyone.. hope your all well on this fine Sunday?  The weather has been amazing here... so warm and lovely blue skies... just a wonderful day indeed.

Han and I went on a little road trip to look at some houses ... because we can!! And to be honest its fun!  We have never looked around show houses before so off we went...  Oh we are not house hunting!! We just wanted something fun to do!! ha h a

So now to show you the amazing house we looked around!   .... but WOW so amazing!

Here is the house...

This is such a lovely house... great drive and 3 car garage too.  Its called the Gate House and has 5/6 bedrooms.  And my car (silver one) looks great in the drive ...right?!!

Here is the kitchen...

All of this is the kitchen!!  I walked in here and my jaw dropped!  I just went WOW!!  Its basically a dream kitchen!

From another angle...

I love all the cupboard space and even the amazing pop up TV!! The windows look lovely too!!  The color scheme was neutral but beautiful.

And the stairs just as you come in the door... looking down from the upstairs landing.

First of all... what a stair case!! The space in the entrance and on the first floor is amazing.  The stairs are really beautiful... so lovely to walk up.  And look at that light!!

Han did not take photo's in all the rooms as we just loved walking around looking.

And I bet you want to know the price of this amazing house... hope your sitting down!!! Its a whopping.... 1.8 million pounds sterling!!! Jon worked it out to US Dollars.... its just over 3 million US Dollars!!! ha ha ha

I think everyone should look at houses like this once in their life time!!! And why not!! Its how the other half live basically!

We actually loved looking around this house.. now we need a lottery win!!

Now onto some stitching....

Yes I am stitching crazy actually!! I am loving stitching these Christmas things... I think its because I have never done anything like this before.  Arrrggghhh but cannot show you.... its a surprise!! You will have to wait!

Onto other stitching projects.... well I have been looking at fabric and threads to start my wonderful Blue Ribbon chart...

Here is the chart... thanks to Starr :)

I was thinking these to start with... I love color so needed to whittle it down...

Then I chose this fabric...32 count linen-Minster and the color is Moorland.

The white paper is a little trick Han showed me when taking photo's... it worked a treat as you can see how lovely the green is.  So Now I have to decided between these 2 colors to stitch with... You will have to wait and see which one I choose!!

Ha ha ha I have just looked at the clock and I am sorry this post is so late... well its now Monday! ha ha  Oh dont worry this is Sundays post and I will do another post later.

I hope you are all well...

A lot of you are aware that at present I am taking 2 classes... an English one and a Maths one.  The English is for the qualification just below a GCSE and the Maths is for a GCSE qualification.  I applied what seems weeks ago to start September on the English GCSE as my tutor feels it fine for me to do.  I had a letter from the college stating that I could not have a place as it was fully booked.  I am lets say devastated that I cannot progress... to the point where as now I am thinking why bother anymore.

As it happens I have an English exam this coming Wednesday evening...  and at this moment in time I really cannot see me attending.  I have lost interest and hope.

My maths .. this is another story completely... I think and feel I was just fooling myself... I cannot do this.  I have no confidence anymore and know I will fail the exam.  I just think I have been going to keep others happy.. they think I could do it.. but deep down I know I cannot do it.  

So like I say I have no idea what I am going to do at this moment in time.... I need to make a decision as an exam is looming.

Bringing back the happiness now... Thank you all so so so much for popping in and saying hello and leaving such wonderful comments too...

Dont forget about this....

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Until my next up date....



  1. Lovely post
    Enjoy your day hugs x

  2. L'assortiment des fils convient bien a cette couleurs de toile,cela deviendra superbe j'en suis convaicu. Je t'en souhaite une bonne broderie.Douce semaine

  3. Love your post - the house looks amazing! Take care

  4. Great choice of fabric colour and threads, it will look lovely :)

  5. I think it is a good thing to be honest with yourself regarding school Jacquie. I am sorry it is not working out for you really.

  6. £2.8million for what looks like a slightly bigger Barratt Box from the outside!! You could have both these two for the same price:
    Make sure you have Han with you when you look at the second one, you'll never guess what it comes with!!
    Best of all, they are both close to me, so I could tutor you with your Maths and English :-)
    Sorry you're feeling despondent at the moment, is there anyone who could give you some impartial advice?

  7. Personally I'd stitch it in red! I really like Blue Ribbon designs!


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