Saturday, 16 March 2013

All my hard work!...

As some of you are aware, I am currently studying with The Open University... and enjoying every minute of it too :)

Well I am on my way up that vertual ladder now... I recently receeived in the post my first certificates, which I am really proud of.  I took my first exam in about 25 years and passed, this gave me the Health and Social Care certificate and allows me to use letters after my name!  Cert HSC (Open) !! And I also gained my Certificate of Higher Education Open which also allows me to use letters after my name.. Cert HE (Open) !!  So hmmm interesting huh!

Here are my certifates all framed up!

Now onwards and upwards with my studying... the degree is in sight!  Now I have just had a thought... would'nt it be nice to of reached my weight goal and gain my degree at the same time!  What an achievement!! Hmmm thinking on this now... 

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