Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 69...

What I ate today... Friday 22nd March 2013

Breakfast...  :(


I realised I should eat something so bought a prawn on wholewheat sandwich... I took 2 bites and realised I could not eat any more :(  Just have no appetite.


Salad with a little grated cheddar in and Cesar salad dressing. 

Well another naff day as my appetite is really bad,  I just dont get it... I am not hungry, I dont want to eat anything...why??  I literally have to force myself to eat something.

I made a salad for dinner, with a little grated cheese in, and I actually ate this!! But some 15 minutes later now I have stomach cramps and feeling a little ill.  I dont know why my body is reacting like this?  I know I need to eat, I am trying to...

I signed up to the Graze box in the hope that I would 'nibble' a few things they do?!  Well it arrived this morning and yes I did try one of the things... summer berry flapjack... very tasty and yummy :)  I signed up to get one every 2 weeks... It does look rather yummy...see for yourself..

I have been really busy today, and am afraid to say my Open University assignment what is due in this Wednesday took a back seat :(  So I have tomorrow, the afternoon any way as I am car hunting tomorrow with my dad!  I like the Toyota but he says I should keep my options open and look at other cars!  So we are looking at the Orlando by Vauxhall.  hmmm I may need a lot of convincing!

I have put in a bowl some natural yogurt with blueberries and raspberries.. its been sitting on my desk a little while now.. not actually sure I want to eat it.  It may have to go into the fridge for breakfast.

So onto some good news...

Han and I went to The Weight Loss Guys exercise session this evening and we got weighed.  Han is doing great, she lost 4 lbs this week!! Great huh!!  I got weighed and lost 2 lbs this week :)  So we are both doing really well :)

GO US!! :)

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