Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 74...

What I ate today... Wednesday 27th March 2013


Small glass of apple juice with a 'new' iron supplement which I need to take every morning and evening...

And Greek natural yogurt with raspberries and blueberries, with the 'new' addition... 2 table spoons of flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and Q10. 


Chopped lettace with cucumber, silver skin onions, sliced beetroot and a small amount of feta cheese with sun dried tomato's and herbs in olive oil.


Poached cod with broccoli and roasted carrots and sweet potato's in olive oil and garlic with herbs.

Now if your wondering, if you have noticed that is!?  I have missed a day out!! Yes I missed out Tuesday 26th March 2013!!  Why your wondering... hmm I felt like it!  ha ha :)

Now well, as you can see I have a new iron supplement to take, its much nicer than taking the tablets and neat iron liquid... this is actually quite pleasant as its in apple juice... and I like it!  When Han and I went to the Vitality Show in London I tried this and got a few free samples... its a 'nice' way to take iron seeing as I have to take it for months and months now.

The other new thing I have is the mixture to add to foods.. its really quite nice, takes a little in getting used to if your not into this.  Han does not like the texture or taste.. I do!! I have a few different flavours so will be adding them to some foods!

I was feeling OK and thought I was back on track with eating... not long after dinner, incidentally I left 1 piece of fish!  Any way a little time afterwards I started to get cramps again, and a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.  I just really dont know what is going on?  I think its OK... and its not :(  I And I feel that bloated now that even drinking is an effort.  Not sure what if anything I can do?  Eat smaller portions?  Eat bland things? Arrrrggghhhh its so frustrating.  

Han and I were both set to go to an exercise session with the Weight Loss Guys this evening...but... Han is and was really busy with her college work that needed to be in tomorrow, only having been given it today! hmmm

And me... I am in a right state.. cramps, pain and sickness... we got changed and everything, headed off in the car, the time was ticking on and we got about half way and I think I was turning green as with every movement of the car I wanted to throw up!  Han was now in a right state as all she was worried about was what was going to happen tomorrow with the work she had not done!  SO... I made an executive decision and turned the car around and went home.  Looking at the clock we would of been about 20 minutes late if we had of got there :(

If I am feeling OK tomorrow?  Then I may go for a swim whilst Han is at college... I am very aware I need to exercise.  I just hope this what ever is going on with me is not the start of the cycle again where I dont eat anything and get very anemic again?  Hope not.. I am taking the  iron supplement drink now.

There is another Weight Loss Guys session tomorrow night, I hope I am feeling better for that?  If not we will have to go after Easter.

Later in the evening I felt the need to eat something, so this is what I ate...

Pickled sliced beetroot and silver skin onions :)

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