Friday, 8 March 2013

Hmmmm Days 53, 54 and 55...

OH DEAR!! :(

Right well I should explain to what has been going on...

Tuesday 5th March 2013 (Day 52) went fine, I picked Han up after her Disney trip and well needed to go shopping as well!  Got back really late, unpacked everything and went to bed!  Han and I were really tired, keeping our eyes open was so hard... so instead of fighting it we just went to bed!

Wednesday 6th March 2013 (Day 53)... well it did start really well, ate a great breakfast : dry fried eggs (actually undercooked 1 which was not like me!)  Mushrooms and the 'new' bacon!

Bought this ketchup, its not all the time I fancy this, but thought when I did its better than the 'normal' version! :)
This is the 'new' bacon!! As you can see yes it is Turkey... I dont actually like turkey!  So as far as I am concerned its bacon!  The reason for eating this was a trial really!  It is SO much better, less fat, less carbs... less everything!  And well I tried it and actually liked it!  So will buy this again!

That was breakfast, Han was off college as she felt awful and was very tired still.  I phoned up to change  the address on my health card and thought I would do the same for Han's... she searched for her purse... could not find it.  Then panic set in, it was in her coat pocket in the coach above her head on the shelf... when she got off the coach she did not check!  And thinks that is where she left it...hmm!!  So I called the college for help...nothing, just an answering machine.  So Han remembered the coach name and Jon searched the internet for them!  We located them and asked if they had it... the called back to say that they did and would hold it until we could collect it.  OMG!! where was the coach??  Past Nottingham... that was over a 5 hour drive to pick it up!! So literally after I put the call down Han and I jumped in the car and set off... at 1.30pm!! I know we are totally bonkers!!  There was reasoning behind this as she may of needed her purse the next day as we had to go to London... back to Great Ormond Street!  So cutting the story short... we ate the healthiest option we could find... it was difficult in motorway service stations, we tried.  Got there, got the purse and turned around and went home!  It was a 11 hour round trip in total!  Really draining and as soon as we got in we went to bed!

Thursday 7th March 2013 (Day 54)... we were up and out the door by 7.30 am and on a train heading for London Victoria!  On the go again!!  This was for a return visit to Great Ormond Street to see the consultant surgeon that operated on Han's head last October.  To get the results of the biopsy and follow up information.  Turns out Han is fine, all sorted, although the mass on her head may grow again, it is unclear if it will or wont.  But if it causes Han and pain or grows really big again, they will remove it.  If nothing happens then the next check up is for 1 years time!  So we were thrilled to get the all clear.  We were in there some time, the main reception area is being re-modelled so when that is finished it will look amazing.  We will see it in a years time!! ha ha  London was really busy, loads of tourists and we thought it was much busier than previous visits.  There were a lot of road works and burst water pipes so a lot of the public transport had been diverted.  This really confused us so we went on the tube, hmm next thing we knew we were stranded in a tube station we did not know where to go from as all lines had been stopped due to 2 people under 2 trains.  Awful and very upsetting for some people to hear.  So we eventually made it to daylight then hopped on and off loads of buses to eventually get back to London Victoria train station... missed 1 train so had to wait for another.  We eventually got home after 10pm last night!  Dead on our feet and needing our beds!  

So yes we have had a really busy few days...

Today is Friday 8th March 2013 (Day 55) and I woke up really still very tired and drained.  I have no energy and as I am bloated from this damn blighted monthly womens thing I feel terrible.  To be honest I have not actually eaten anything today.. I tried to eat some cut up apple but after 2 slices that was enough.  So instead I am trying to drink fluids... I know its not good or ideal... but at least its better than nothing!  I had to go out to Maths today... that was so tiring, I found it hard to concentrate but some how made it through!  Apparently I am sitting a mock exam next Friday for maths!  Interesting!! 

OK so I made some food.... thought I would see how much I could eat...Its a right mixture as I could not decide what to eat!  There is red pepper humus with carrot and celery sticks.  Boiled egg... fresh chopped salad, cucumber, tomato and little chicken bits with spicy king prawn on top of salad!.... a lot!! 

Neither of us have done any exercise with The Weight Loss Guys... hmmm not good!  BUT... we have been extremely busy and not had a minute to ourselves.  And now not beeing well again it appears I am going round and round in circles :(  All I can think is that I hope tomorrow is better!?  I will post tomorrow... obviously if I eat something or not... shall have to see.

Thanks for sticking with me :)

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