Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 77...

The photo is the 'sad' no flowering Easter tree we did!  It looks a bit bare! :(  A tradition we do, I guess we got this from living in Germany?!  And something we like to do now :)  I am hoping it starts to flower?  Hmmm we shall see!!  As it is Easter after all!! lol

What I ate today... Saturday 30th March 2013


2 Cheese scones (from the coffee shop with butter)


Hmmm, no lunch :(


I had a few wholewheat crackers with margarine on with, beetroot, silver skin onions, a few thin slices of cheese and some feta cheese with herbs and sun dried tomato.  With nutty grain and vegetable salad.

Well another rather odd day... why is it that I do not feel the need to eat or even drink?  I tell you its puzzling me!  Its almost like I dont care... but of course I do!  Its really hard for me to explain but I will try...  OK so I know I have to eat and drink, its normal right!  But my appetite it really strange at the moment and well as for drinking... I have no idea what is going on there?

Today as I went out earlier I have had 3 skinny 1 shot lattes.. I did eat, I put it in the breakfast slot as it was the first thing I ate today!  I ate 2, yes two!! I have no idea why, just did!  They were cheese but the cheese was only on the top!  And no photo as I genuinely forgot :(  I have also drank some, a glass maybe of apple juice and a glass of orange juice.. but that is all.. I tell you its hard getting anything in me.. what the hell is going on with me??

Lunch was a disaster... I ate nothing :(  Did not want anything, so did not eat.

I did try a new thing at dinner, if you call that dinner!! It is rather odd!!  I was told to try this from good old M&S!!  To be frank I will try anything!! So bought 2 of these as they were on offer!!  And I was really surprised that I liked it!  And I found it to be really filling too :)  I will be buying more I think!

So apart from my odd eating again today its been a pretty 'normal' day.  We all went down town, Han had an appointment at one of the makeup counters in Boots... so we all tagged along!  When I say all.. I mean all!! There was me, Jon, han.. and we met up with my mum and dad too in town and had coffee!! Its nice to do that! :)  It was nice having Jon out too, he does not go out much as he is still in too much pain to sit for long periods of time.  Saying that Han and I had him out a bit too long today as he was in agony when we got home :(  Its hard to find a balance, and I like to involve him in things we do.

Oh... if I have not mentioned about Jon before here is the run down...  well I am married to him!  Its not Han's dad, that was my ex-husband (a bit like Voldermort, the name we shall not mention! lol)  And well I married Jon in 2009 after meeting him in 2007.  We both lived and worked abroad and loved it... came back to UK in 2010 as my parents health is deteriorating and I wanted to be near them.  We settled down, got good jobs and just as we got settled Jon had an accident at work and injured himself.  The doctors are unsure really how bad and what the problem is, he cannot straighten up, he is in a bent over position all the time.  And he cannot put his right foot flat on the floor, he some how balances on his toes. Walking is hard, he can take a few steps around the house, holding onto the walls and furniture.  Going out as he is now so weak, he uses a wheelchair.  Its basically turned our life upside down, and now instead of living we survive.

But we get by!

I am still looking for a damn car!! Looking at maybe the toyota?  Its the comfort thing, Jon needs it and the support on his right side as he leans that way.  So maybe if the car was OK we could go places and he could get out more?  That is the theory any way!

Looks like Paris is off for Han for her birthday... she would rather wait and go somewhere else later in the year!  hmm what ever she is happiest with.  Not sure what to do now, its her 18th and needs to be special... ideas??

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