Friday, 1 March 2013

Day 48...

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Today is an interesting day as I have another exercise class but before all that I am getting measured and weighed.  Now this fills me with utter dread!  Seriously... I have been eating healthy, exercising but there is and I guess will always be fear and dred in me at the weigh and measure time.... what if I dont lose anything?  What if, what if, what if... I know I should not think like this, cannot seem to help it though.  So until I go this evening I will submerging myself into my Open University work hoping it takes my mind off it!

What I ate today... Friday 01st March 2013


Scrambled eggs with quartered mushrooms.


2 hard boiled eggs.


Mussels in a thai sauce.  (very filling.. was going to have salad with it, pleased I did not!)


A few nuts (same as what I had the other day!)


Roasted sweet potato's, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomato's and green beans.  With Salmon and a chilli topping. (yes started eating then realised I need to take a photo!)

So went to The Weight Loss Guys exercise session this evening and LOVED it!! I sweat something cronic this evening!  And I beat my personal best in skipping!  I skipped 15 skipps in one go!  No some of you may big deal!  I assure you this is major!  

And some other GREAT news!!! Got weighed and measured this evening too.  I am very pleased with my results so far... the switch over to the new scales was this evening, I was weighed on the new ones.  No issue with the scales, that is my weight... I am moving on... onwards and upwards!  I actally stayed the same (on the new scales!) 21 stone and 13 pounds!  In a way I am really pleased with as when we were calibrating the scales there was a difference of a few pounds!  So it appears I have worked hard to stay the same!!  No doubt if I were to step on the old scales I would show a great loss!  hmmm And a whopping 19 inches off my body!! I am thrilled!! I can just about see it in some of the clothes I wear, but I wear tents so will not really notice it yet! lol

I spoke with the guys after and apparently I am no way drinking enough water or fluisd still! OMG!! I really dislike drinking water... I think back and I remember drinking 2 litre bottles of Pepsi Max with no bother!  So why can I not drink water or slightly flavoured water?  So now I am on a mission to drink more!! I am going to make a chart and fill it in every day!  One of my exercise bottles is half a litre and I need to drink 4 of them per day!! OMG!! Not even managing one at the moment!!  :(  OK I am on it!! Tomorrow is a new day!! :)

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