Wednesday, 20 March 2013


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AAArrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!! Today is going to be an amazing day!  Well its started really well I have SO much to share...

As you can see from the picture of The Script, today Hannah and I are off to see them live!! aaaarrrghhhh!!! We are VERY excited about this! hmmm can you tell!? We bought our tickets October last year!! And they are VIP tickets so NO queues!!  That is a first, last time we saw The Script live we queued for over 12 hours!  I know we are totally mental!  No doubt there will be photos and a special update.

Some other interesting news... I joined something called BzzAgent :)  Its a place where you register (all free) and fill out surveys about all different products.  And if you are selected you are sent some of the products free and basically the manufacturers want you to test them and then report on them honestly.  So this is my new thing!! And I have been chosen for my first campaign.... E45:

(Borrowed from BzzAgent photos)

So I will test it when it arrives and let you know what I think! :)  Its all really exciting! Bet your thinking OMG she is so excitable over some cream! lol  hmmm I guess so!!

And more news...

Hannah is 18 this year, and OMG what to do?!  OMG 18!!  So I have ordered a cake for her... (not saying too much just incase she pops on here to check out my blog!) Ha ha hannah - no clues here!! 

I can tell you what I have planned for her Birthday, she is helping me plan it!! We are off to Paris!! I asked her where would you like to go... anywhere!! And Paris is what she came up with!! hmm now if that were me I would of said something a bit further!! 

So yes planning a kind of 4 day break right over her birthday (12th May) visiting loads of sights.  I should say that we will not have any bother with the language.. this is because we used to live in France!! I know and your all thinking why are we going back!!?  Well we lived in the middle of France and never actually visited Paris, we drove around it though!  Hannah loves everything French, she speaks the lingo as a native having schooled there and really blends in and you could not tell if she were French or English!  Me however.. I do speak French but no where as good as her!  So the language is no bother and I know we will have so much fun.  One of the highlights for Hannah will be going up the Eiffel Tower... hmm its a bit high!  I think we should walk up all the stairs too!! And I an planning to have a meal there as there is a restaurant on level 1, something special for her.

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Something that is happening a bit nearer to home... well London!  This weekend is the Vitality Show and yes you guessed it we both have tickets!!  We are off there this Sunday (24th March).  OMG... I tell you everything happens at the same time!! lol

(Borrowed from Vitality Show Facebook Page)

We have never been to this show before, it looks really good, lots of things to see and do..and naturally we have VIP tickets!  Only way to go these days! So in our ticket we get this... its nice to do something different now and then...

So no doubt we will have photos to share from our day out, and some freebies! :)  

No doubt there will be more things to tell you!  I am clock as Hannah finishes college we are off!! That is at 3pm!  Ooh in a hour!   I had good intentions to do some studying today as I have an assignment due in very soon... but no, nothing done!  Hmmm There is always tomorrow!  I actually have a clear day tomorrow! :)

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