Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 76...

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What I ate today... Friday 29th March 2013




Mussles in chopped tomato's, garlic and onion sauce (homemade) with sprouts, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, petite pois and broccoli.

Well today may stay blank!! Hmmm not very good I must say :(  And well.. just not hungry at all today... I have not even had the iron supplement... I will take it this evening.  

Its now 4.30 and all I have had today is 3 cups of coffee... this is really bad, but I cannot really eat anything as not hungry and feeling rather bloated.  I did nibble a bit of chocolate but it tasted a bit odd, kind of like lard!  So gave up with that!  Hmm must be my taste buds changing?

Just after writing this at 4.30 I decided to eat some yogurt... and drink my supplement...

Not really sure what I am going to do food wise today?  I should try to eat something I guess.. hmm OK.  When I do the evening meal I will put some on a plate.  Not sure what its going to be at this stage?  I am not eating chicken or fish I have gone totally off these... all I am left with is vegetables, and to be honest its better than nothing!  

I know I am not getting the vitamins, nutrients and protein I need for my body, but what can I do when I totally lose my appetite?  I cannot ram it down my throat!  I just cannot bring myself to eat anything.  The strange thing is that I am not feeling hungry and I dont actually want anything either.  Totally out of character for me!  

All I can do I guess is hope come later I will want to eat something?

I made an effort cooking the mussles... and to be honest I really enjoyed them and now the house smells of garlic! I love it!! :)

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