Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 50...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

It is 50 days today that I decided to change my life!  So far the journey has been a little bumpy... nothing to bad though.  I am still here, changing and learning to change my eating habits to live healthier.  And 'live' is the key word here!! It has actually flown by and to be honest I am enjoying it! :)

What I ate today... Sunday 03rd March 2013


Mixed fruit cocktail.


Hmmm... no snack as was not hungry :(


Was a Gala Bingo special lunch! :) Carrots, peas, roast beef, roast potato's, mash potato and yorkshire pudding.  (I could not actually eat it all)




Breast chicken with roasted carrots, parsnips and peas!  Love this... :)

So that is it!  Been busy again doing Open University work, well OK after I came back from the bingo!  That was a spur of the moment thing to break up the day, and to get my other half Jon out... he does not go out much due to the amount of pain he is in with his back.  So it was nice to go out.

I have an assignment due in around the middle of the month... need to study!!   And with Han in France at Disney the house is quiet with no distractions! :(  

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