Saturday, 9 March 2013


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Today I am still feeling rather ill... and in need of an energy injection!  I did manage to make and eat most of my breakfast,thought I had better.  I just feel bloated all the time... its hard to eat and drink when feeling like this :(   Not sure if or what I will eat later... maybe something light?

I know I should be eating low fat, low carb, low sugar by eating healthily...I still am, but not the recommended 3 meals a day or the snacks as I just cannot eat that amount of food at the moment.  Gosh now that does seem rather odd coming from me!!  I will still eat healthily, bit hard not to in my house as that is all there is to eat!!  And drink... I need to keep drinking.

I just have to try to carry on as 'normal' knowing that I am getting seen by a specialist near the end of the month.  Hope that sorts this damn problem out...

OK.. so WARNING.. if you not not want to read the next few lines regarding my health issue... click 'Home' now and by pass it!  

Apparently it is most common with overweight women? Funny really as its only just started to show up in me... over the past 3 months now!  Its a condition called Menorrhagia and well its doing my head in!!  I was taking the tablets the GP gave me to reduce the flow... but the side effects from them are making my life worse!  So I stopped taking them.  Last month I lost too much blood and nearly had to have a blood transfusion... which is a real scary thought.  Since then the GP has given me iron tablets to take once a day... hmmm if I remember to take them!  And they too make me feel sick and ill.  

Its just damn awful as I was doing so well, sticking to everything and losing weight.... and now well who the hell knows?  I dont think I have put any weight on... how could I?  I am still eating healthily just not exercising.  But feeling as I am, bloated and ill constantly I just have no energy to do anything again so here I am back to square one.  

So no exercise :(

Not only have I got to cope with that, but OH MY... I am snappy :(  Got a short temper, no patience and this is SO not like me.  It might be the lack of sleep as I am up and down all night :(

It's awful what I am going through, and to be honest sometimes I think its just me, why me?!  So if your reading this and its happening to you... please speak up.  Although I will understand if you dont as in society now its not the done thing to talk freely about such things... well I was never one to stick to things!  Break the mould and chat to me!  :)

On the other hand... if you did read this and I have said something that you are not happy reading... I appologise and assure you my blog is not all about this!! :)

I need some normality...


  1. Normal is what's normal for you at the time, so this is temporary normal state for you and you will return to your other normality later. Don't give up, just treat yourself gently, maybe your body is reacting to all the activity you've subjected it to - that for 'it' (sorry for referring to your body as a separate entity!) was not 'normal'! So as you are in for the long haul take this as part of the journey.

  2. Nikki... your right of course! I am being a little hard on myself, maybe?! I cant do a lot so have been trying to 'chill out' a little, hoping that it aids me in recouperating my energy levels?... hmm nothing as yet! But yes I think your right, I just have to 'accept' this state for now... go with the flow (ooh no!) and take things easy in the hope that like you say, I go back being 'normal' again! I think there may be a problem as I was not 'normal' to start with! :) And yes this is in my journey.. cannot do much about that now! Fingers crossed that it all sorts its self out sooner rather than later. Thank you for your comments :)


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