Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 68...

What I ate today... Thursday 21st March 2013

Breakfast... :(

Lunch... :(


Chicken and green bean curry with wholewheat brown rice :)

What I left....  :(

Hmmm today has been a rather odd day... I dropped Han off at college and went round my parents.  They were off to town so I tagged along!  Had a skinny 1 shot latte in town... and then my mum treated me to the hairdressers as I was 'moaning' that my hair was getting on my nerves!  

So food wise I have not eaten anything... I got home at around 4 pm today after being out all day and ate a banana... I do not feel hungry, I am not hungry and am rather puzzled.  I thought my appetite was starting to pick up again?

OK so its nearly 6 pm and I have dinner on the go... chicken curry with wholewheat brown rice.  The chicken is always white breast meat as I will not eat any other chicken meat... I don't like the bones. 

And another thing... today was my scheduled study day, to work on my assignment, question 3 of TMA 1.  Well that did not happen and now I need to catch up!  Its is due in next Wednesday!! OMG!! Pull your finger out Jacquie!! 

I mentioned I went to the hair dressers.... my hair is slowly growing back after being shaved off when Han had her head operation.  And well it was getting me down so mum treated me to a new style and a trim.  Its funny I feel happier and OK about it now!  

My new hair style... shame about my cheesy grin!

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