Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 70...

What I ate today... Saturday 23rd March 2013


Egg, mushrooms and cherry tomato's.


Nothing :(


Sorry no photo... but had Broccoli, carrot and roasted sweet potato's with a small piece of beef pie.

By all accounts a very boring food day :(

I am very tired today, need more sleep!!  I was up and out early as I was car hunting with my dad!  We were checking out some cars and if suitable to then take Jon on Monday :)  As it is Jon and I are going to Citron on Monday to test drive a car... good to keep your options open! :)

And well tomorrow Han and I are off to The Vitality Show in Earls Court London :)  Ooooh really excited about this!  

Still trying to read all I need to for the 3rd question for my assignment... getting there but its slow progress :(  I contacted my tutor to ask for an extension just in case I need one.. I just did not want to leave it to the last minute and start to panic.  So I now have until the 5th April, so am a little more relaxed about what I have to do now, and because I am relaxed I dont feel pressured and will now be able to complete it, hopefully under the new time limit. 

What is it with my appetite?  Still not feeling the need to eat... I have been trying to drink more, even this is hard as I just dont want to.  But its OK I am drinking, Jon keeps reminding me to!! :(

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