Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 65...

What I ate today... Monday 18th March 2013


Scrambled egg and mushrooms.


3 Chipolata small sausages with reduced salt and sugar ketchup. (No photo as I forgot!)


50g wholewheat brown rice with breast chicken is a curry paste.

I think my appetite is coming back, but I am now being really fussy with what I am eating.... I really have no idea what is going on?  I guess its good that I am eating more?!  

I removed the evening snack as I did not eat the yogurt and fruit snack.... 

Just noticed..this day is terrible... no vegetables!! What!! Not like me at all!! Hmmm have to sort that out!!

I went for a swim in the evening, and a nice relax in the sauna.... after that nice relaxing session I then went shopping!! I must be mental!  Topped up on essentials...Greek yogurt and fresh fruit!! Chicken!! :)

Feeling actually happier than recent days... its really strange how things effect you, you know like the weather stresses of studying... that type of thing.  Learning to cope and manage my stress is key I think.  I am only human!!  

Staying positive is very important to me, positive vibes make me feel anything is achievable and I can do things.

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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