Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 49...

What I ate today... Saturday 02nd March 2013


Dry fried eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and bacon medallions.



Mixed fruit all chopped up.


Nuts! (see above photo!)


Breast chicken pieces, broccoli, carrots in curry.  With sweet potoat cubes roasted in extra virgin olive oil.

Been a rather odd food day today, not felt hungry today so all I have eated I have literally had to force myself to eat.  I have tried to stick to the meals with the snacks, but today has been really hard.  I dont know why I am not hungry today?  Odd like I say!

I am still on a high from last night when I was told how many inches I had lost!  I hope this feeling does not go!  And now that I am on the new scales... I can concentrate on making my numbers lower!  Apparently its a more accurate figure and also can calculate BMI... interesting!  Well when I went to see the GP before Christmas about my weight my BMI was 52!  So I hope its come down!?  Incidently the GP was not at all interested in helping me lose weight.. they never are.  So hence why I go to The Weight Loss Guys!

Han is off to Disney tonight with her college.  I have to drop her at the college at 11pm tonight, they are going via the euroshuttle and have been told they will arrive in Paris Disney  in the early hours of Sunday morning.  The reason for her trip is a media conference... what a place to have it!! And naturally they get fast track and early tickets to the park the whole time they are there! I said its just a jolly! :)  Hmm wonder if I get a pressie?  :)

So the house will be quiet for a few days :(  I guess I will have to feed Jon what I would normally give Han!  Hmmm Jon does not actually eat what we do... he is not into veg!  Hmmm the next few days he will be!! ha ha ha  I think he will be pleased when Han comes back!

Drink... hmmm as for the drinking... I am drinking more, but still not enough :(  More, more, more!!! 

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