Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 71, at The Vitality Show, London...

Sunday 24th March 2013...

Well I should say that Han and I had a great time and we loved every minute of the show.

Eating... hmmm we tried really hard to eat healthily and sensibly at the show... we ate a tuna and salad wholewheat wrap for lunch and in the evening we ate chicken in a really spicy sauce with a small amount of white rice... yes white rice... but we only had half rh amount that they give out!  So we tried!

We arrived at the show at about 10.30 a great time!  As it just opened at 10!  There was no queues for us!  We had fast track tickets and WOW they were a great buy!  

Inside OMG!! The place was massive and I have never seen so many traders in one place.  And people wanting you to try their products... really interesting!

With our fast tract ticket we also had a massage and facial booked... but that was not until near the end of the day.  (a pre-booked slot)

This is Han waiting for her facial!  All very exciting :)

The view I had waiting for my massage! :)

One of the 'rooms' used for the treatments :)

Walking around the building we saw loads of things but the thing we enjoyed the most was the sit down and listen to a presentation... it was the one for: 'Bitch with a bat'!!

The presentation we LOVED!!  It was GREAT!! All about stress releaving and learning to cope with different stresses... 

One activity was to blow a balloon up, draw a persons head on it, and maybe some words that irritate you about them!  And then pop it!! OMG...seriously you need to try this!! Its really effective! 

Thn we participated in a releasing a frustration exercise!  This we loved that much we are now on the look out for a plastic baseball bat!!

You basically just 'kill' the object, pillow, quilt, bed...what ever!! And release that frustration on it!! oooh its good!!

Han is in the middle, she gave it some and felt SO much better afterwards!

 And a video of me... lol 

We then found a stand that was taking peoples photos that had raised money for charity... well naturally we had to get in on that as we raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, when we had our hair shaved off!

And there we are....

All in all we loved the show and got LOADS of freebies... that was a bonus!! :)

We got back home really late, dead on our feet but it was worth it!

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