Saturday, 25 January 2014

Friday 24 th January 2014...

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Well I tried yesterday to upload Fridays entry but Google+ and blogger were closed and having maintenance works for quite some time :(

So I left it to today...Saturday :)

Well Friday was my rest day as per the physio's instructions!  It was very odd not doing anything, just as well really as my knee was really hurting. I did walk about the house, I did not sit all day with my leg up!  Still actively doing what I have to do around the home...some one has to!  :)

I put this picture of the pound of fat up the top to remind me of what I am losing!  Its amazing to think I have lost well over 50 of these!  Hmmm lets see... yes just checked it is well over 50!  eeeek!!! sometimes I actually amaze myself sometimes!  I mean I am doing this! I really am!! Sure I have many many more of these to go... but I am doing it day by day. After all Rome was not built in a day..hmmmm now am I making reference to the fact its taking me ages or that I resemble a city?? lol ha ha ha 

Food.. now well an interesting day to say the least! 

My book entry.

I am still doing it!! Its a shocker really as I am not used to carrying this about and have nearly lost it more times than I can think about!  

Breakfast well... more brunch as I did not want anything early... and yes 4!! I thought well OK I have torture session with the physio and I felt the need to eat 4! 

Lunch was on the move... a Go Ahead snack bar.  Which is actually a shocker I ate it!  See it has sultanas in it! yuk!! But somehow I cannot taste them as it also has apple in it too.

Dinner, now here I was being experimental!  Seriously!! I wanted omelette but me being me, I wanted a different ....yes different omelette!  So I had sliced fresh cherry tomatos and chopped halapino (small green thing that blows your head off!)and a small tin of tuna on my omelette!  But then I thought I would close it in half... it needed one more ingredient.... cottage cheese!

Then folded..

It was rather a large omelette and to be honest a really tasty one!  I am not just saying that, it was yummy!

I found something of interest whilst surfing... 

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I thought this really interesting.... seeing as how I am not eating meat.  Its handy to know I think :)

What else happened today?.....hmmm I appear to have lost my stitching bug :(  This is what happens when I dont stitch for a few days.  I kind of need to find it again as I really enjoy stitching.  Its just so relaxing and I feel I am actually achieving something too...  see how Saturday goes :)

Remember to smile.....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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